SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 9 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 9 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Guruji: There is time to know these things. First you concentrate on Sandhya vandana and practice it well.

Chanchal’s mind filled with disappointment for some time. After few seconds he told…

Chanchal: Guruji, is it required to come to you regularly?

Guruji: Strictly, not required. You can come as per your convenience. I can understand people’s life now days. First you give importance to your employment. Goddess present there also. She is vritti rupena samsthita. At the same time you do your sadhana. We have twenty four hours of long time. That is sufficient to do the wonders. You are matured person. You must analyze your life style where time is wasting. Regular watching TV, movies, going out for shopping without any specific purpose etc are examples. You are the master of your time. You should lead it but not lead by it. So, by regularizing your time effectively, you can involve more on useful activities. So do sadhana well.

Chanchal said Thank you, guruji and took his blessings. He left the place with lots of excitement and some sort of joy. He decided to do Sandhya vandana strictly. He prepared a mind map. His main problem is late wakeup. He started thinking of his daily routine works. Daily he spent minimum ten to eleven hours in office. Out of which effective working hours are seven only. Remaining time, he thought, having chit chat with others about politics, movies, sports/games, sex, women etc… He thought of reducing the same. There is a general perception among employees about long hours stay back in office. They think they will be recognized if they spent long hours in office. Chanchal also felt like that. But his desire for spirituality suppressed that fear. So that day he went to home at around eight during night. Both Akarsha and Moha surprised seeing him at that time. Moha felt very happy and ran towards her father very fast. She rounded his both legs with her tiny hands and asked him…

Moha: Father, you came early today. Why?

Chanchal: For you dear.

Moha: Then you should tell me a story. Otherwise I don’t sleep. You never told me a story.

Chanchal: Sure dear I will tell you a story.

Chanchal felt twinkles in her eyes. After evening fresh up he started telling a story to Moha. Moha slept in his lap while listening story. Chanchal felt an unexplainable happy by seeing her like that in his lap. After few minutes he laid her on bed. Then Akarsha asked him…

Akarsha: It’s very surprise. You came early today. What’s the matter?

Chanchal: For you only dear.

Akarsha: Ahahaa…don’t tell stories. I am not Moha.

Chanchal: Not story dear. It’s true.

They both finished dinner. Either during the dinner or after dinner Chanchal did not think of watching TV. After spending time with each other they slept at around 10.30 pm after long time. Chanchal did not forget to set alarm for 4.30 am.

After morning ablutions he started sandhya vandanam at 5.30 am. He started doing it by referring the notes given by his Guruji. He was fully aware what he has to do while referring the notes. Since it is a new subject he was reading the notes carefully. After some kriya, he started chanting Gayatri mantra japa.

He closed his eyes. Started chanting mantra. His mouth was chanting it. Then he felt in mind about yesterday’s office issues, after some time about Moha, Akarsha, about his favorite hero, heroin… what not so many issues started furling in his mind. At the same time his mind was counting the number of mantra recitations. He was fully aware of number of recitation at that time. At one point of time he felt when it will complete 108 times. After completion of 108 times he opened his eyes immediately and completed other procedures. After end he felt very happy thinking he did a great job. Like that two months have passed. Now there is no need to refer notes also. His mouth can chant all the procedure well without notes. He was doing sandhya worship while thinking of all materialistic activities. Once, he thought “I am fully versed with Sandhya”. Now his spending time has come to fifteen minutes from thirty minutes. He is able to ‘manage’ the time well. He believed he has ‘improved’ well compared to earlier. Earlier, he could aware of what he was doing. Now his mind jump into other aspects as soon as he starts Sandhya worship. He could not identify this difference. Some days were passed like this. His mind and mouth were in their jobs.

Srimata never leave her children unattended. She gives some corrective indications to her children. We have to identify them carefully. One day while doing mantra japa he lost his sense in that japa. His mind was totally thinking of Akarsha and her beauty. He was thinking of best times he spent with her, best performances he enjoyed while on bed etc…. He forgot number of recitations he did. Suddenly, he came into sense. He felt very sad. “Shit…what I did. Is it right to think all these? Atleast, at this time? What happened to me? I have committed a sin. He stopped recitation immediately and completed other proceedings. He thought of it seriously later. He recapitulated what he did all these days. He felt everything he did is waste. Immediately after fraction of few seconds he thought “why it is waste? Though my mantra japa was not perfect, other proceedings should have some results. I did it perfect.” He suppressed the first thought (waste of time). He sticks on to the second one (some result). He could neither identify nor recognize the difference between first and second. Somehow he decided to do mantra japa well.
Next day, he started the proceedings as usual. He thought of doing mantra japa well. He started it. He was fully aware of first five recitations. After that he heard Moha’s voice asking her mother something. Then he thought “what she need? Whether Akarsha attend her properly? Wow…Aakarsha. Her beauty fits to her name. She is so gorgeous. We should go out for some days. I should ask for leave in office. What my boss will say? He is a mad fellow. Like that his thoughts started moving in this mind. Meanwhile he completed mantra recitation and other proceedings also.

He shocked after completion of proceedings. What I thought, what I did. I could not control my mind. How to control it? How to do japa without any disturbances? It seems very difficult. Then he remembered his guru. Yes, I should take his blessings and guidance. Its long time completed visiting my guruji. He thought to visit his guruji next day with more doubts.

Turning point: it is an important turning point. Generally, people will stop japa at this point thinking they cannot do. They could not manage their timings also. They never think of discussing these issues with their guru. They either feel shy or unnecessary. Some people will discuss these things with their friends. We know the end result. So, it is very important to discuss everything with guruji without any reservations. Otherwise, spiritual progress is very difficult.

To be continued…..