SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 7 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 7 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Chanchal went back home with lots of anxious thoughts. His thoughts furl like this. “Tomorrow is very important day for me. I sleep early today and will wake up early tomorrow morning. I have to search for my sandhya vandana book in home. It may be in puja room. Otherwise I must take help of Akarsha. (Akarsha is his wife). Guruji should start me teaching Srividya instead of Sandhya vandana. OK, what to do. I start with sandhya vandana. After two days I will ask him Srividya. I heard that a srividyopasaka will get some supernatural powers. I will also get such powers in future. I will change this world with those powers. I will open an ashram and teach Srividya to others. I will become a baba/swamy. I am very fortunate to get such guru and vidya. I will become powerful in the office and society. I will control others. I will make others to follow my words. Shit…unnecessarily I have wasted my time till today. Guruji is near to my place but I have not met him early. I should have met him early so that I could have “developed” by this time.”

He was crossing a fruit bazaar at that time. Immediately he recollected an old saying “no one should meet a child, guru, parents, and higher authorities with empty hands”. Then he thought of purchasing some fruits for his guruji. He went to one fruit shop there.

Chanchal: What is the price of apple?

Vendor: Two hundred rupees a kilo.

Chanchal: Baapre…too much. He felt in his mind. Pomegranate? He asked.

Vendor: Two hundred and fifty rupees.

Chanchal: Are…itna khareed. OK, Banana?

Vendor: Fifty rupees per dozen.

Chanchal: Umm…you are telling ten rupees more. Give it for forty.

Vendor: Sir, I have no profit. Ok, give forty five rupees. Further no more reduction possible.

Chanchal: Ok, give one dozen.

Market is burning with rates he felt in his mind. Finally he reached his home with dozen bananas. The moment he entered his home, his only one daughter (Moha) approached him with full of joy shouting “papa… I am ready”

Chanchal: Ready? For what? He surprised.

Moha: Mummy said we go out for dinner.

Chanchal: Dinner outside? Where is mummy?

Moha: Mummy is changing her dress in the room.

Chanchal: Ok, dear, you just play. I will talk to mum.

He said to Moha and entered his bed room. Akarsha was dressing up when he entered. She was half nude. By seeing her like that he forgot everything about his guru and meeting. She looked at him huskily. He kept the bananas purchased for guruji on the dressing table. He approached her immediately and rounded her waist with his hands and leaned his head into her neck.

Akarsha: Baba, no time now. We have to go to restaurant.

Chanchal: Why? What’s the matter dear?

Akarsha: You know my Singapore aunty. She is going to become grandmother. So we must celebrate.

Why should we celebrate if your aunty becomes grandmother? He wanted to ask. But he could not ask by seeing her mood. He doesn’t want to spoil her happy mood. He knows how best she performs on the bed when she is in happy mood. He wants to utilize that opportunity.

Chanchal: umm…by seeing you like this my ‘appetite’ is increasing. We postpone our program, dear.

Akarsha: No way. First we satisfy our belly appetite. Other appetite we see later. Moha is ready. She is waiting. Fresh up fast. We come back early ok? By the way, why you have not answered my phone calls? I called you several times to tell you the program. What’s the matter, dear?

Then Chanchal reminded about his cell phone switch off while talking to his guruji.

Chanchal: Oh, dear. I have very important news for you. I must discuss with you seriously.

Akarsha: Ok, we discuss on the way. Get ready fast.

They went to one of the best restaurant in the city. While going Moha was keep on talking to them. So Chanchal did not get the chance to talk about his meeting with Guruji. They spent almost two hours and two thousand rupees in the restaurant. While coming back they themselves engaged in discussing about recipes they tasted in the restaurant. At that time Moha was sleeping. By the time they entered home it was almost night eleven. Then they spent with each other for one more hour. After satisfying of all their appetites, Akarsha asked him.

Akarsha: Dear, you told you want to discuss something seriously.

Chanchal: Oh…Dear! I forgot. Yes, I will tell you now.

He narrated the gist of his meeting with his Guruji.

Akarsha: It seems very good for us. You must learn those things. It is very interesting. I support you definitely. You take us to Guruji any time if possible.

Chanchal: Thank you dear. I will take you both once that time comes. Let me learn first. It’s already crossed mid night. I must wake up early to meet my Guruji. By saying this he set alarm for 4.00AM. Then both hug each other and slept under one blanket.
By the time Chanchal woke up its 6.00AM. Neither Akarsha nor Chanchal could hear alarm. Then chanchal got fresh up very fast and left to Guruji’s ashram with a dozen of bananas he purchased for forty five rupees by bargaining with the vendor.

Let us see what happened later…

To be continued…..