SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 6 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 6 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Chanchal: Truly, I don’t know the difference, guruji. Please let me know the difference.

Guruji: You will know in near future. What do you do daily?

Chanchal: I am graduate in Mechanical Engineering. I work as a software engineer in one of the reputed software company.

Guruji interfered. No…no… I am not asking your Apara vidya. I am asking what you do daily to get Para vidya. That means I would like to know your spiritual life. What you do daily as far as your spiritual life is concerned.

Chanchal: Guruji, I spent almost ten to fifteen minutes in my puja room chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranama daily in the morning.

Guruji observed some sort of vanity in his answer.

Guruji: Only ten to fifteen minutes? Ok, then what you do? Are you eligible to do Sandhyavandana?

Chanchal: Yes, Guruji. I am eligible.

Guruji: Then why don’t you do sandhyavandana daily.

Chanchal: I got upanayana (thread ceremony) during my marriage about eight years back. No one told me how to perform sandhyavandana. That’s why I could not do it.

Guruji: No one told you or no interest shown by you?

Chanchal: ………….

Guruji: Ok, but how did you know Sri Lalitha Sahasra Nama? (SLSN)

Chanchal: Guruji, truly speaking I don’t know. I started reading SLSN since my childhood. I was fourteen years I think so. My parents used to chant it during every good occasion. Somehow, I got attracted to it and I myself started reading it. I am almost reaching forty now. I chant it daily.
Guruji felt happy listening this.

Guruji: Dear son, there are two vidyas in this world. First one is para vidya and second one is apara vidya. Apara vidya is for our living. It is nothing to do with spirituality. Para vidya is about spirituality. Apara vidya is like engineering, medicine, mastering in Vedas, kavyas, puranas etc. It includes some of the ritualistic vidya also. A priest in a temple is a classic example. These are nothing to do with practical brahma jnana. Many pundits in this world say many things about brahma jnana by referring so many sastras, commentaries etc. All they have studied those sastras well. Then can explain them well and inspire others well. But if you observe, many of such pundits are not self realized. Why it is so? Difference is implementation. You want to go to Delhi. You know the way very well. Unless you start the journey how would you reach Delhi? In maximum cases, that sphurana will not come in the mind. Here, sphurana refers to relating to Brahman. This is because of maya. Maya veils Brahma jnana. See, if you start talking tattwa, people will not show interest. Contrary, if you start talking about a movie, about others, sex etc they will show tremendous interest. No one requires alowkika jnana instead they require lowkika jnana. Yes, you need apara vidya for your livelihood but not for your luxurious living. To meet their luxurious desires people will indulge in materialistic world so deeply and do perform their life journey in adharma path. It is pity that they never know that they are in a gorge. They feel great about their life. You can find 99.99% of these people in this world. This vidya is not actual vidya. Precisely this is avidya.

Para vidya is actual vidya. This is about Brahma jnana. Acquiring this brahma jnana is not so easy. One has to do perennial sadhana to get this jnana. One way to get this sadhana is “Srividyopasana”. Srividya is also known as Brahma vidya. Shakti will be worshipped here. The follower of this path is known as Shakteyas. Shakti is very much capable to pour the knowledge of Brahma vidya. You know She is “Shiva Jnana Pradayini”. To get this jnana a sadhaka has to perform some rituals. In fact, rituals are apra vidya. But these Shakti rituals are important to make our spiritual path a clean and clear. That is nothing but chitta shuddhi. Hence, rituals specified in Srividyopasana are very much required for Brahma jnana. The only important thing is, a sadhaka has to understand intrinsic meaning and purpose of these rituals well and should be capable of applying those meanings in his internal world (i.e.aantarika world). This is nothing but moving form bahiryaga to antaryaga. Then actual truth will be revealed to him. This is called sadhana. One of such ritual includes Srichakra puja. It is very painful to learn that now days this puja is being performed for materialistic desires vanity etc. A sadhaka will be blessed with Brahma jnana without any doubt if he worships Shakti without any desires (nishkama). All cannot do this. Those who have blessings of Srimata only can perform this journey.

Chanchal: Guruji, how will know whether a person is blessed or not?

Guruji: Vichara is the only way to know. Just recollect what you express when you saw me. That is vichara. Vichara about tattwa is the first and foremost step towards self realization. Unless you get this vichara, all rituals, all knowledge of puranaas, Vedas, n- numbers of Srichakra pujas etc are wasteful. That’s why I say pujas should not be performed in vanity or for fulfilling any desires. Shakti blessings are sufficient.

Chanchal: Guruji, I never heard what you told. But you said I have vicharodaya. How is it possible?

Guruji: Smiled and answered him. How can you say that you never heard or practiced? You have not heard these things with this gross body. In starting you said you are forty years old. In fact, you are not forty years old. Your gross body is forty years old but not you. You are older than that. Otherwise how did you attract to Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namas in your childhood only. If a person practices Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namas with utmost bhakti bhava he will get such vichara definitely. You are the live example.  

Chanchal: Very difficult to digest this, guruji.

Guruji: This is because of maya. These are deep concepts. You will be known these things one by one once you progress in your spiritual journey.

Chanchal: Guruji, please show me the way and bless me to perform the journey.

Guruji: I do. You have such qualification. First you have to learn sandhyavandana. Your spiritual journey will start from tomorrow.

One of the student came near to Guruji and said “Guruji, it’s time for homa”. Everything is ready.

Chanchal leaned and touched Guruji’s feet with this both hands. Guruji blessed him and moved towards yagna saala.

Chanchal mind filled with an unexplainable happiness which he never experienced. He looked once at his Guruji and then into ether. Chandra (Shukla paksha chaturdhi moon) was rising at that time. Chanchal got Chandra darshan symbolizing he is going to be blessed with Chandra vidya. Next day is Karthika purnima. Amma never leave her children.

To be continued….