SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 5 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 5 - By Bhuvananandanatha

In the previous part we understood that quest is the primary quality for spiritual journey. The person who does not have such quest in the mind will never think of God. He will be busy running in this worldly world. The person who is having such quest for God in his heart would definitely think of materialistic life he is enjoying. He will think either for a minute or hour “what for I am doing this”? This is bija. That bija will start growing if that person’s previous births punya phala is strong. He will think of knowing “something” about spirituality. He will search google, ask his friends etc… His desire for spirituality increase and keep on increasing. But he could not know what to do. How to get help. He could not rely on one source. He starts enquiring all his known sources. Some refer a swamy or baba but he could not rely on them. His thirst for spirituality increases because of such failed attempts. With this strong desire, one fine day he prays the God to show him a way. That is the turning point. It is like Sri Hanumans search for Sita in Lanka. Just remember what happened to Sri Hanuman. First he himself searched Lanka for Sita. All his efforts were wasted. Finally he prayed God and then searched. He succeeded. This is called daiva bala. There is no substitute for daiva bala.With this quest for spirituality and daiva bala one person known “Chanchal” entered “Sri Sidha’s” house. Now let us see how Guru Sidha shown him a way and how Chanchal performed his spiritual journey in the path shown by Guru Sidha.

By the time Chanchal entered Guru Sidha’s house, Guruji was busy in teaching veda to his followers. At that time Chanchal doesn’t know who they are. He thought they are Guruji’s disciples. He went near to them sat calmly watching them and listening their recitation. After few minutes his cell phone rang with a big music. Recitation stopped for a while and Guruji looked at Chanchal for few seconds and continued recitation again. Chanchal baffled and felt shy for not switched off his cell phone before entering Sidhaji’s house. He did it now. Guruji observed that. By listening to those veda mantras Chanchal’s mind felt some relaxation. He forgot his mental world for some time by enjoying waves being created at that place because of such recitation. After some time he heard a voice asking him “Who are you my dear?” With that soft and affection filled and authoritative voice Chanchal came back to his present status. Then he looked at Sri Sidhaji. He was confused how to call him. He is not a Shankaracharya to say Aham Brahmasmi, he is not a Ganapati Muni to recognize his Guru at the first instance. He is just an ordinary engineer, a software engineer. So he replied.

Chanchal: Sir, I am Chanchal

Sidha: What can I do for you?

Chanchal’s mind was blank. He could not know what to tell and ask. But he knew sure that the person opposite him will surely help him. But only thing is how to start. Then again Sidha asked him.

Sidha: Tell dear, what for you are here?

Then chanchal with low voice started….

Chanchal: Sir, I do not know what for I am here. Daily I run behind money and women. But for last few years I could not get any satisfaction by enjoying this materialistic life. I have handful money and bank balance. I have a wife and a kid. Still I look for other women. I have earned fame and money. Still I am not satisfied and worrying for the same. At the same time “something” is eating my mind probing this is not the life. But my materialistic desires overcome that “something”. I was running behind them again and again. At the end of the day or any part of the day when I was alone, that “something” hit me again. Then I think of what I was doing. That thought is for few seconds, only for few seconds. Again I see a woman photo in a news paper or go for stock trading. I know surely it is not right. But weakness dormant my “something”. Mind turn like a tail of dog. Sometimes I weep when I am alone. After some time my mind probe me to go to a night out party. I do that surely. I knew this is not the life. I could not explain you my mental status clearly at this juncture. But I need help. Please accept me and help me.

Sidha: What can I do for that? You better consult a psychiatrist. I am not a doctor.

Chanchal felt baffled, mindless and fearful with this answer.

In the meanwhile a person approached Sidhaji and addressed him with low voice and politely “Guruji, everything has been arranged for homa”. Sidhaji nodded his head approvingly. We do not know how indications will come. Only thing is we should be careful and recognize such indications. Even during such confusing state of mind Chanchal caught that address. Guruji, yes Guruji, He is not my Sir. He is my Guru. The moment he got that thought in his mind he fell on the lotus feet of his Guruji immediately addressing him…

“Guruji…I need you only. You are my doctor, you are my psychiatrist. I know sure you only can help me. Why I felt like this is, I am experiencing an unexplainable happiness in your presence and words. I never felt such happiness in the presence of others in my previous days. Please accept me as your student and show me the way towards God. I knew nothing till now. I met you by the grace of God. Don’t leave me and throw me. Show me the way.”  

With this prayer and submissive behavior of Chanchal, Guruji looked at him with benign honor and told him “wakeup my boy…wakeup” by slightly slapping on his shoulders. Chanchal felt a slight shock like sensation in his body. He slowly woke up from feet of his Guruji and looked into his Guruji’s eyes. Both looked at each other for few seconds.

From above we can observe that,
- There should be daiva bala
- There should be a quest
- We should always be respectful towards our Guruji (we should not address him by his name or Sir like titles)

Then Guruji asked him.

Guruji: So, you want to become my student or disciple?

Confusion…again confusion…

What is the difference? Chanchal felt in his mind.

To be continued….