SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 41 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 41 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Next day, guruji initiated him to other Srividya related mantras like, Vaishnava, Saura, Shaiva, Ganapatya and some self-protection mantras. One more month is there for Guru Purnima that year. Chanchal’s sadhana is going on well without any doubts. On the other hand, he started arranging for his purna deeksha. He invited all as suggested by guruji. This is first time he is spending some amount for spiritual activity. He knew how important it is to get the Purna deeksha in a right way. He did not bother for spending amount. He never spent money for his guruji. Guruji never asked him either cash or kind. He treated him as if he is his own son. He thought it is his responsibility to express some gratitude on guruji. He clearly understood he could not reimburse guru runa. Not only he, no one can reimburse either guru runa or pitru runa (parents runa) except keeping respect and gratitude. Now three days time only for purna deeksha day. Chanchal could contact all except Purna. He could not connect to Purna. He felt sad
about this and went to meet guruji.

Chanchal: Guruji, all arrangements are made. I have invited all as you suggested except Purna. I am not getting him over phone.

Guruji: Ok, son. Do not worry. I will contact him. He must present here certainly for next week.

Chanchal: Guruji, only two days time is there. Is it possible to him to come here from Manasarovar?

Guruji: Laughed… and said “everything is possible”

Finally, auspicious day of Chanchal’s Purna deeksha has come. Guruji and Guruma (Gouri) have arrived to Chanchal’s house in the evening of day before Guru Purnima. Next day all his relatives and other
sadhakaas also arraived. Chanchal’s Purna deeksha procession started with mangal vaadya. Rudrabhishek was assigned to Krishna sastry one of the greatest Yajurveda pandit. Surya Namaskara with Aurna Parayana was assigned to Aditya Sharma. Gopala Dasa took the responsibility of
Sundarakanda parayana. Sri Lalithanandanatha got the responsibility of Mahavidya parayana. The scene is like that as if all dikpalakas are present there. All other disciples Meenakshi, Prabhat,Prashant, Phani, Sheela etc arrived in time. Ganapathy puja and Punyahavachanam completed. Chanchal wanted to ask Guruji about Purna. Somehow, he could not. After that, kalasa puja to be done. Chanchal turned towards Guruji to invite him on to the asana for kalasa puja. To his surprise, he saw Purna behind Guruji. Purna was smiling. He greeted him with namaskar. Chanchal felt very happy to see Purna on that occasion and thought how was it possible. Guruji occupied the asan. Purna also presented near guruji. Guruji started the other process. Purna was assisting him. Later, NP started. Chanchal did NP in such a professional way; no one could believe his capability. Maximum people stunned seeing Chanchal like that. Guruji also felt very happy. Later, Chanchal’s abhisheka with his wife performed by Guruji. After completion of all other processions, deeksha namakarana started. Everyone present there became silent. Pin drop silent is being observed there. Guruji initiated him into Mahasodasi and other mantras.
Srichakra nyasam also completed. Then Guruji went into deep meditation. Purna removed the knotted silk cloth from Chanchal’s eyes. Chanchal glanced at Guruji. His eyes were moving from head of Guruji.
His looks are moving from Guruji’s forehead, eyes, nose, lips, heart, right shoulder…suddenly he felt a small jerk in his body. Aakarsha also observed that. Immediately, he touched guruji’s right shoulder. Guruji gave him deeksha name “Srividyanandanatha” and Aakarsha “Srividyanandanathamba”.

Chanchal’s eyes filled with aananda tears. Chanchal requested Purna to guide him for guru puja. Purna agreed and took the initiation.
Guru dampati (both Guru and Gurupatni) were seated on a asan. All disciples of guruji did guru shodsopachara puja. They presented garland to guru dampati. Then, Chanchal and his wife did guru damapti paduka puja. They put guru dampati padukas (legs) in a wide basin like vessel. While Aakarsha pouring water, Chanchal washed guru dampati padukas. All disciples took guru paduka jala as teertha.

Later, Chanchal and all other disciples presented silk cloths to guru dampati.
All invitees left after completion of atidhi bhojana. Now, Guruji, Purna, Lalithanandanatha and Chanchal were there. Guruji explained Chanchal what care he should take after purna deeksha. After some other discussions, Chanchal asked….

Chanchal: Guruji, you told me I would get Mahavidya later. Who will initiate me?

Guruji: After Purna deeksha, you can practice any mantra that you like except Mahavidya.
Lalithanandanatha will initiate you into Mahavidya. After twelve years of sadhana (after purna deeksha) you can start initiating other people. Do not keep vidya with you. You will get capabilities of understanding the people. You can initiate people based on that.

Chanchal: I have one doubt on Maha darshan that you blessed me earlier. Can I ask you?

Guruj nodded his head approvingly.

Chanchal: That day I could see kundalini upto just above the ajna chakra. Why I could not have darshan of kundalini above that point?

Guruji: There is a strong reason for that. I will let you know on proper occasion. Of course that time is nearby only.

By listening this, Purna and Lalithanandanatha fell on the lotus feet of guruji. Chanchal could not understand this but he followed them.

To be continued…