SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 39 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 39 - By Bhuvananandanatha

This time Chanchal did not excited for Purna deeksha. He was normal. He is able to balancing his emotions well. He started doing sadhana in the lines of guruji’s words. He did not show any eagerness to meet guruji for Purna deeksha. He wanted to do sadhana and practice NP well before taking Purna deeksha. Hence, he did not rush to Guruji next week. He took three months more to get some confidence. Then one weekend he went to Guruji with his family.

Guruji asked him…

Guruji: That day I asked you to come next week but you came now. What is the matter? Is everything OK?

Chanchal: Everything is fine guruji. He told the reason for not meeting guruji early.

Guruji smiled and blessed him. Now you got perfect eligibility to get the Purna deeksha, guruji replied.

Chanchal understood Guruji’s meaning.

Aakarsha and Chanchal sat near to guruji. Guruji started explaining them the process of Purna deeksha. Chanchal observed absence of Purna there. He could not find him last time also. He thought, “What happened to him?”
Guruji: It is better to get Purna deeksha in your own house. You have to invite all your co-sadhakas (our tradition only) and your near and dear relatives. Your home purohit should also present. That day you have to perform Maha Ganapati Puja and Punyahvachanam. This is the responsibility of your house purohit. After that, pancha kalasaradhana and krichcha traya dana (grat) will be there. Then you have to do NP with homa. While you performing NP, your house purohit will have to do rudrabhishek, surya namaskara (vaidik), sundarakanda parayana with the help of other pandits. A mahopasaka of our tradition will do Mahavidya parayana. I will assign this to SriLalithanandanatha. After homa, guru will do abhisheka to you both with some mantras. (Guruji told him what those mantras and what articles should be added in abhisheka jala). Both of your eyes will be closed with a piece of silk cloth while doing
abhisheka. After abhisheka, you both have to ware deeksha clothes preferably red in colour. Your in laws should present deeksha clothes to you. If not possible, either your parents or you can purchase. Then deeksha nama (name) procession will start. Your eyes will be closed with a piece of silk cloth again.
Guru will go into meditation. After sometime, that silk cloth will be removed. Then you have to see your guru from his head to toe. While doing so, there will be some spandana in your body. This spandana will come by seeing at a particular part of your guru body. Then you have to touch that body part of your guru. Based on that part of the body, you will get deeksha nama. This is the sa-saastriya method of deeksha nama. After completion of deeksha nama you will be given Mahashodasi mantra, Guru Maha
Paduka Mantra, Tureeya Gayatri Mantra and finally, Maha Vakya mantra. Observe, all these mantras propound advaita. In addition, Srichakra will be installed in your gross body (invisible i.e. gross body will be identified with Srichakra). That means you will become Srichakra. Then we both have to do tarpanas
and complete the remaining puja of Navavarana. Then there will be guru puja. You can do guru puja as per your capacity. I do not compel on this. This is the sastra. You have to do anna dana on that day. This whole process will take minimum twelve hours. I decided to give you Purna deeksha on coming Guru Purnima day. So, be ready for that. Then guruji gave him contact details of all his disciples.

Chanchal sensed something about gurupuja. He wanted to know how to do it. He know guruji never tell about such requirements. He wanted to enquire from Purna but Purna also not available. Finally, he decided to ask guruji…

Chanchal: Guruji, where is Purna? I am not seeing him now a days?

Guruji: I sent him to Manasarovar for penance.

Chanchal: Guruji, what next after Purna Deeksha?

Guruji: Once you get the Purna deeksha, you need not observe any mailas (lochia) like death maila, birth maila etc. You will become free from all such mailas. After some days of purna deeksha, you will get Mahavidya. I have already decided from whom you will get Mahavidya. Then onwards you will become

Chanchal: Guruji, I am not understanding why some other person? Why don’t you give me?

Guruji smiled but not replied him. Chanchal did not press him further.

Chanchal: Guruji, I am doing sadhana as per your latest directions. I am unable to visualize kundalini properly. I am longing to know how kundalini will be. Please show me some way.

Guruji: Umm…you want to know how kundalini will be. Okay dear son. Come with me. Guruji took him into ashram puja mandir. Aakarsha stayed outside. Guruji sat near the Srichakra in puja mandir. He asked Chanchal to sit opposite to him. Guruji slowly removed his uttareeyam and went into deep meditation. Chanchal was looking at him surprisingly. After sometime, Chanchal observed an object like lightning moving from bottom of vertebra of guruji towards above ajna chakra. Initially he could not bear that light. He closed his eyes unexpectedly. After few seconds, he opened his eyes slowly. He is not finding Guruji’s gross body there. Only glossiness of light. He observed Srichakra in place of guruji. Tureeya swara naada is coming out of it. Chanchal became spell bound after this Maha darshan. He prayed guruji to come normal. After sometime guruji became normal.

To be continued…
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Re: SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 39 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Sri Raviji,
I do not understand the meaning of "Mahavidya" and "Mahopasana". Can you please explain?