SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 38 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 38 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Chanchal: Guruji, in Srividya only three acharas or any other achara is there.

Guruji: Samaya, Dakshina and Kaula are imporatant acharas. Some other acharas also there. These acharas can be categorized in any of above acharas. Among these, veerachara is more powerful and
dangerous also, if not practiced properly and with utmost care.

Chanchal: Guruji, can I know veerachara?

Guruji: No, your age is not sufficient to understand it.

Chanchal: Guruji, Who will tell me if you do not tell?

Guruji: Srimata will send a right person when that time comes.

Chanchal did not catch the inner meaning of guruji’s words. He said ‘some other person’ other than guruji himself. What does it indicates?
Guruji continued….

Now you are proficient in Navavarana puja. You know some secrets of Srichakra and mantras. Your sadhana is moving in right direction. You have to install Srichakra in your house. So acquire it. Srichakra
installation is a nine days program. I will tell you how to do it. You have practiced NP without Srichakra till today. That is permitted, of course. You are going to be a purna deeksha upasaka in near future. Hence, it is better to install Srichakra in your home. I am not compelling you. This is my advice to you.

I will do it, certainly guruji. In fact, I wanted to ask you for this. You ordered me in the mean time, he replied.

Chanchal: Guruji, is there any difference in Srichakra between kaula and samaya?

Guruji: Yes. Bindu is the main difference. Generally, bindu will be in antar trikona (innermost triangle). This is acceptable for kaulas. Not only kaulas, many dakshinaacharis also worship bindu in innermost triangle. As per Samaya, bindu in innermost triangle is avaidika i.e. against to vedas. As per them, bindu should be in chatushkona that is just above the innermost triangle. We know, first, second, third and
Mekhala trayam of Srichakra are shiva chakras. (As per some traditions, Bindu will be taken into account instead of mekhala trayam) Remaining avaranas are Shakti chakras. If you observe, Shiva chakras are
outside of Shakti chakras. This bahyatwa (outness) should not be acceptable because Shiva is not separable from Shakti. To overcome this unacceptable difference all these Shiva chakras bring to one place that is bindu. Now, in this bindu union form of Shiva and Shakti will present. That is why this bindu known as sudha bindu. Place of Sudha bindu is Chandra mandala. Chandra mandala shape is square. Hence, bindu will be in square that is above the innermost trikona. The secret here is, in trikona one
more bindu, a small circle, which is ayakta (not visible), will be there. This chakra known as parabrahma chakra and bindu in square is sarvanandamaya chakra. What I revealed is as per Samaya. Also, guruji explained him how it should be recognized in human body. Many people cannot understand it. So, you
get your Srichakra as per our tradition.

Chanchal: Sure, guruji. Yours words are final to me. When can we worship Srichakra, Guruji?

Guruji: We should worship Srichakra daily. It is not possible to worship it in full length daily. So do at least shodasopachara puja. You can do NP whenever you have free time.

Chanchal: Any special days for NP, guruji?

Guruji: Chaitra masa (month) first nine days (vasanta Navaratri), Ashadha masa first nine days (Varahi Navaratri) and Asweeyuja masa first nine days (Devi Navaratri) are more important days for Srichakra puja. Apart from this, a sadhaka can do NP either on his birth thidhi, or his guru’s birth thidhi, or on
Sundays. This practice known as naimittika puja. A sadhaka is eligible to do naimittika puja only if he is performing Srichakra puja daily.

Chanchal: Guruji, which metal is best for Srichakra and what results it will give.

Guruji: Srichakra can be drawn using kumkum and sindhur. You will get sarva kaarya sidhi if you worship such Srichakra.
You will get Rajya (highest position) if you worship a Srichakra made up of gold.
You will get health, life (aayuvu), and aiswarya (wealth) if you worship a Srichakra made up of Silver.Enemies will be destructed if you worship a Srichakra made up of the emerald.You will get sarva kaarya sidhi if you worship a Srichakra made up of all three metals.

Next, we see homa and its results. If you do homa with panchadasi after NP, following results will come:
If you do homa with pure camphor – vak shudhi.
If you do homa with red kaluva flower, (is it lotus?) – Rajya
If you do homa with pure ghee and daasani flower (pomegranate) – Sarva jana vaseekarana.
If you do homa with grapes – Asta sidhi
If you do homa with sesame and rice – Destruction of sarva upadrava (dangers).

Remember, above results should be understood in the context of antaryaga but should not use for material world.

Chanchal: Guruji, how many tantras are there?

Guruji: Sixty-four for kaulas, eight for misramacharis and five for Samayas. First two are abandoned for dwijas. Tantrik texts of samayas known as Shubhagama panchakaas. Our practice of Srividya based on these five texts only.

Remember one thing. Srividya is an ocean. No one can have full knowledge on this. Whatever I told you is a ninety - ninth part of a small particle of such ocean.

Son, I have decided to give you Purna deeksha. You come next week. I will tell you the process of Purna deeksha. We decide an auspicious muhurat for that special occasion. Till then do sadhana in the lines of
secrets I revealed to you.

Chanchal touched Guruji’s feet. Guruji blessed him keeping his palm on Chanchals sahasrara.

To be continued….