SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 36 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 36 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Now Chanchal have purvanga and uttaranga mantras. He is able to do sadhana better. He started
reading the NP book. Now he is finding doshas of acquiring enormous money, wealth, physical intimacy
etc. He is talking to Prema normal. Whenever he is experiencing desire on her unwantedly, he is
practicing diverting his mind by visiting a nearby temple, sit immediately for mantra chanting etc. He is
observing disappearing of such desire by doing so. Also mantra “Sri Matre Namah:” has became habit
whenever he is encounter a woman. His dreams in wee hours increased. He has darshans of Srimata in
various embodiments like Chandy, Kameswari, Srilalitha, Bhairavi, and Durga etc. Now, he has visited
almost all important pilgrim places. He astonished to know about Kamakhya. He felt vibrations in his
body when he had darshan of Kamakhya maa. When he was in Kasi, a bhairav called and gave him
vibuti. Chanchal asked him some prasad. That bhairav poured some sand in his palm. Chanchal tasted it
and found it sweet. He shocked. Like this one more year passed.

One day he was busy with his office work. He was deeply involved in the work. Suddenly for unknown
reason he got a desire to jump from the office window. His chamber was in sixth floor. Still he wanted to
jump. He opened the window and saw through it. Somehow, he stopped that desire forcibly and went
outside of his chamber to meet their collegues. After sometime, he became normal. After few days,
suddenly he became dull, sometimes wanted to have a wild intimacy with his wife, sometimes he hate
physical intimacy, wanted to walk to unknown destination etc. He observed this change. He tried to be
normal during that period. One day, while moving home from office his vehicle brokedown suddenly. He
gave it for repair in a nearby garage and waiting for city bus. Suddenly a person passing him stopped his
byke and offered him lift on his vehicle. Chanchal asked him whether he knew him. He said ‘no’. Then
why you offer me lift on your vehcle, Chanchal asked. He said, “I do not know. By seeing you, I wanted
to help you. Til now, I never gave lift to anyone. You are the first person I offered. Believe I do not know
the reason, he replied so politely. Chanchal expressed his gratitude and rejected his offer smoothly. He
left the place. Like this one day, one unknown person greeted him and left the place. Initial days these
situations used to surprise him but now became common to him. His official career also improved lot
despite his late night sittings unnecessarily. Normally he is smart and hard working employee. Strength
of upasana added to his working quality. He was getting yearly outstandings and timely promotions. He
stopped wobbling for comments passed by his colleagues. Some colleagues understand him. They are
very few in number. One day, he was reading NP book. Suddenly, something struck his mind probing
him to stop all these things. There is neither God nor demon. Nothing is there. Life is because of just
biological act. Why to do all these things and waste time. So stop it. Like this, thoughts attacked him.
Chanchal afraid for sometime and then weened Srimata and his Guruji forcibly. After sometime, he
became normal.

Now Chanchal is confident of reading NP book well. He wanted to correct his pronounciation mistakes
and wanted to know concepts of each step of puja. One day he went to meet guruji for this purpose.

Guruji: How are you, son? How is your health?

Chanchal: I am very fine in all respects, guruji. I would like to read NP puja procedure in your presence.
Please correct my mistakes.

Guruji approved his request and did accordingly. Later Chanchal asked…

Chanchal: How many ways are there to do Srichakrarchana?

Guruji: There are three ways. 1) Sristi puja 2) Sthiti puja and 3) Samhara puja.
Sristi puja: Puja from Bindu (ninth avarana) to Bhuprastara (first avarana) is Sristi puja. We should
worship meru in this krama.

Sthiti puja: Puja from Antardasara (sixth avarana) to Bhuprastara (first avarana) and from Astakona
(seventh avarana) to Bindu (ninth avarana) is Sthiti puja. Generally, grihasthas should do this puja on
bhooprastara srichakra.

Samhara puja: Puja from Bhuprastara (first avarana) to Bindu (ninth avarana) is Samhara puja. We
should worship Kailasaprastara in this method.

Now a days if you observe any grandha, maximum are suggesting samhara puja only. The probable
reason behind this is any puja should end with samhara krama. If you start puja in sristi krama then you
should do samhara krama also. Since all puja kramas are there in samhara krama, we can perform only
samhara krama puja. It may not be possible to do all three-krama pujas everytime. Hence, puja in
samhara krama is sufficient.

Chanchal: Guruji, how many types of Srichakras are there?

Guruji: Basically, there are three types of Srichakras. They are Meruprastara, Bhooprastara and
Kailasaprastara. There are different types in Meruprastara viz., Shankara tradition, Kalyanandabharati
tradtion, Urdhvadala (upward dala), Adhodala (downward dala), Ardha meru etc. Kaulas worship
Adhodala meru prastara. Purna kailasa prastara, Kurma prastara, Maha kameswara are the classes of
Kailasaprastara. Kailasaprastara is available very less. One Kailasaprastara is there in Shankara Petha of
Purvamnaya (Puri, Orissa). You can have its darshan.

Then Chanchal narrated his recent experiences.

Guruji started explaining him why it is so like that….

To be continued....