SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 35 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 35 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Guruji: Very good question, indeed. There is no linga bedha to Parabrahma. Anyone can do sadhana irrespective of caste, creed, sex etc. All have authority to know the truth. Your question has a reference in Veda – Arunam. If a woman has Atma jnana, she shall consider as purush only. Here, purush means
sreshta (unnat). If a male does not have Atma jnana, he shall consider as normal woman not even normal man. If a son is Atma jnani and his father is not, then father should consider as son and son as
father. A person who is able to see should consider blind if he is not having Atma jnana. Therefore, Atma jnana is more important thing. Hence, you should not compare creatures by physical features. If you
observe gurumandala puja in NP we have women gurus namely Leelaamba, Shukladevaambaa. Hence, women can practice Atma vidya undoubtedly.

Meenakshi: Guruji, not all are Srividyopasakas, not all are doing any puja, sadhana etc. but if we observe, such people are occupying pinnacle positions in society like a minister, scientist etc and also some are billionaires. People (some may be) who are doing puja etc are facing critical living hards in their life. Why it is so like this?

Guruji: Puja, sadhana etc are not for materialistic desires. Aim of any spiritual/ devotional act is personality development but not personal development. Social position, material desires all are nothing
but maya. Not all can reach brahma paada. Who have the quest to get rid of this maya only can perform the spiritual journey. In recent time, some billionaires expressed their grief in acquiring lot of wealth and
some sacrificed their wealth. They expressed that wealth is not giving any satisfaction. Therefore, people will realise at any time in their next birth not if in this birth. Until then they will be in the birth and death chakra. Remember, there will be one or two Sri Ramana Maharshi among crores of humans.

It is already 11.30 pm. All were silent for sometime. Then guruji told, ok we continue our session next time. Take rest for now. Disciples taking blessings from guruji and leaving their place.

Chanchal mind became blank by listening all this. He felt sad about him. He thought, “Shit…I wasted my valuable time till now. What I did till today? I wandered for money, women and other attractions. I am getting two lakhs per month. Still I am not satisfied. I am looking for higher positions and higher salary. What I will do with that much money? If I curtail my weekend parties and other unnecessary expenses twenty thousand rupees is sufficient for me to run my family. I could have saved handsome money by
today and that can be utilized for better purposes. What I will do with higher positions? It only increase my ego level. For that, I need not play cheap tricks on my colleagues. If I am competent, no one can stop my promotions. Why I should attract to other women? Beauty is only in skin. Behind the skin there is flesh and blood that too filled with heinous substances. Am I crawling for such heinous substances? What guruji told is correct. Something is there behind this gross body. We cannot see that with the
physical eye but can know with internal eye. I should practice to open my internal eye”.

After all disciples left the place, guruji called Chanchal.

Guruji: How is your sadhana? Had I disturbed you calling suddenly?

Chanchal: Nice, guruji. Not at all. I am very much happy to be here. I need to ask you one thing. Shall I ask now?

Guruji smiled and said ok.

Chanchal narrated his dream and about the book and asked his opinion.

Guruji: That dream is very good and the girl is Bala Tripurasundari. However, darshan of God in dream is not self realisation. You please recollect what I told about Parabrahman in the satsang. The book
referred by Bala is very good one undoubtedly but it is of higher standards. Ofcourse, we are referring that book in ashram. I advised Purna to recommend simple books for beginners. He might not have recommended that book to you. Am I right?
Chanchal: Yes, guruji.

Guruji: How you felt of Purna after you came to know about this book?

Chanchal was silent for few seconds. Guruji told him not to hide anything. Then he told what he thought of Purna.

Guruji: I like your honesty. Maa tested you. She purposefully shown that book to you. Had you not been suspected him it could have been different situation now. Belief is most important in spiritual journey.
Srividyopasakas especially purnadeekshits are embodiment of Srimata. Arishadvargas (kaama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and maatsarya) cannot lead them. Stop suspecting your co sadhakas. You have
washed out that sin by accepting the truth about what you thought of Purna. So do not worry.

Chanchal: Guruji, I want to change my job to leave some relations (Prema is in his mind) which are attracting me. Please advice me.

Guruji: Bandha (bonding) is not because of your job. It is because of your mindset and your longingness for new tastes. As long as this impurity is in your mind, you cannot escape such attractive relations even if
you go to moon. So, change your mindset first. Be strong mentally. A proper sadhana with vichara will definitely help you to become strong. Once you find the dosha in such attractions, you never crawl for
that again. If you became strong, you will not wobble even if your dream woman come naked in front of you. So, no need to change your job. Change yourself first. Rest leave to Srimata. She know how to lead her children better. I am happy to see you with your family. I will initiate you to uttaranga mantras and give Sri Mahalakshmi Mantra to your dharma patni tomorrow morning.

Chanchal touched guruji’s feet. First time he touched guruji’s feet with utmost respect and love.

To be continued…