SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 34 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 34 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Guruji: No, chit is omnipresent. There is no place without chit.

Chanchal: Then, what about a real dead body?

Guruji: This question has come because you are thinking we are this gross body. Reality is that we are not this gross body. We are beyond that. If you realize that you are not this gross body then you will see chit everywhere. This can happen only with a proper sadhana.
Chanchal: Guruji, can I know what that ‘beyond is’?

Guruji: That is nothing but brahma/aatma. Realizing yourself as parabrahma is self-realization. Once you realise this then you will find no difference among all creatures. No desires can touch you. You cannot see a woman with a sexual desire. You find all are one and same. This is the pinnacle of sadhana.

Prabhat: How to realise that, guruji?

Guruji: Through knowledge (jnana). Knowledge is the brahma. It is the real and infinity. “satyam, jnanam and anantam brahma” is the Veda vaakya. Here knowledge means parabrahma knowledge. Sadhana is the only way to get this knowledge.I told you several ways of doing sadhana. You have to implement it sincerely.

Chanchal: That is fine guruji. How would l know that I am realized?

Guruji: This is very important to know. No one can tell that he is realized. If anyone says like that, fact is he still not realized the truth. See, parabrahma is not a separate one. It is not present separately on a hill or heaven or any other place. It is always with you. Infact, you are the parabrahma. Here, you means not this gross body. We cannot describe this you/I. Even Vedas said what not parabrahma is but could not show how parabrahma is. You cannot separate rays of sun from sun, sweetness from sugar etc. Hence, knowledge is the only way to identify yourself as parabrahma. Since, you have knowledge of mango you can say that fruit is mango. If you do not know the features of mango, can you know what it is? Therefore, parabrahman charactestics like guna rahita, mala rahita etc should only help a sadhaka to get the parabrham knowledge. We should do bahiryaga to wash out our gunas, malas etc. Once you washed your inside then you will know the truth. If you know the truth you will realise you are not this gross body. Remember one thing – which is impermanence is not brahma. Brahma is permanent and it never be changed. Once you realise this, you never bother about this gross body and its attractions. No pinching from opposite sex.Only aananda will be there. Rest regarding aatma vidya you may please refer Tripura Rahasya. I believe this grandha is one of the best text on Atma vidya.

Prabhat: Guruji, why not all could know they are aatma swarupa?

Guruji: Because of ajnana (ignorance). Ignorance is because of maya.

Prabhat: How to overcome this maya?

Guruji: Through knowledge. If you know the magic, a magician cannot cheat you. In the same way, if you get the propitiate (anugraha) of Eeswara you can escape this maya. You will get his grace if you surrender to him. If you succeed in last two steps then you will know yourself.
Chanchal: Guruji, I am unable to differentiate between manas and budhi. Is there any difference?

Guruji: Manas is the main indriya. Either jnanendriya or karmendriya will work because of manas only. Generally, for easy understanding purpose, you can say it as interest. If you have manas, you can watch a movie or TV or do a work like that. Therefore, manas is the main indriya behind working of all other indriyas. If this indriya is affirmative then it is budhi. If it is in dubious state then it is manas. This dubious nature is the main reason behind jivas falling in the web of maya. If one is able to take a proper decision from dubious state, then he will progress otherwise he will fall down.

Chanchal: Guruji, whether dreams are real?

Guruji: Yes, there is no difference between waking state and dream state. Both are same. If waking state is true then dream also true. Dreams that come in wee hours indicates our near future. You may tend to ask me “I am witnessing activities during waking state but there is no reference of dream after end of sleep”. So how can we say dream is true? For example, you are eating some food in the dream. Your gross body is sleeping. Still you are able to dream another gross body in your dream. So, how your this gross body has come in dream and eating food? More importantly, who is witnessing either waking state or dream state? If you say this gross body is witnessing this waking state then who is witnessing your dream? Understand carefully, the substance that is witnessing waking state is witnessing dream state also. Hence, it once again proved that we are not this gross body. Beyond this, there is some other substance. You must do sadhana to know that substance.

Simple and lucid explanations given above to youfor your easy understanding. For deep explanations, you may refer Tripura Rahasya, Vivekachudamani etc…

Chanchal felt happy after listening this since he got a dream of a divine girl who shown him some book.

Meenakshi: Guruji, can women practice Atma vidya?

To be continued…