SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 33 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 33 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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Finally, he decided to answer the call.
Chanchal: Hello…Purnaji. Namaskar.

Purna: Hello…Chanchalji. Namaskar. Guruji asked me to call you to invite you to ashram. Guruji will perform Navavarana Puja (NP) after one hour. He wanted you to witness the puja so that you can know the procedure. Also do not forget to bring NP book suggested by Guruji and do come with your family. Guruji also conveyed that you could come only if you are free from office work. If you are busy officially, you can come later. Guruji always give priority to office.

Chanchal could not give any reply to Purna for few seconds. His mind was running fast thinking of the call. Purna’s voice was soft and polite. Even then, Chanchal felt as if Purna slapped him. He came out of Prema’s ebriety. Purna was asking him…

Purna: Can you come or not?

Chanchal: Yes, I will come with my family. Answer came from his voice automatically.

Chanchal wanted to call Prema and tell his position. In the meantime, he got a call from Prema.

Prema: Dear…somehow I am not convincing myself for our meeting. My consciousness is not allowing me to do this. If I am not wrong can you forgive me? I am sorry for disappointing you.

Chanchal surprised against this twist from Prema. He said “Oh…yes…don’t worry. There should not be sorry between us. I am OK with your decision. We will be like good friends forever. So be happy. We will meet later in any public function. Bye. He ended the call and turned his vehicle towards his own house. Aakarsha surprised seeing him. She immediately hugged him. There is no lust in that hug. She expressed her utmost happiness by doing so. Chanchal also felt very happy and asked Aakarsha and Moha to get ready fast to go to Guruji’s ashram. They both agreed happily for his proposal.

By the time they reach ashram, Guruji was performing nyasa part of NP. Some other disciples also present there. Chanchal does not know all of them. He does not know Guruji’s srividya disciples. There would be around ten to twelve disciples. All are in dhoti and uttareeyam. Chanchal also changed his dress. Moha went out to play with her aged children. Aakarsha and Chanchal sat near the Srividya yagasala. Guruji’s voice was so strong and clear in chanting mantras. Chanchal is seeing new guruji today. He has observed some aura around guruji. He opened the book and found the page what guruji was reading. A disciple near to Chanchal helped him to locate the page. Chanchal able to follow the mantras written in the book by listening guruji’s pronunciation. Sometimes, guruji explaining them concepts of puja at relevant places. Chanchal could understand some parts and could not understand mazor parts. Like that puja went for seven hours. After completion of puja, guruji offered tertha (sacred water of puja) to all present over there. Purna introduced Chanchal to all other disciples. Then guruji called Chanchal and asked him if he can stay that night in the ashram. Chanchal agreed. After having prasadam, some disciples left and some stayed there to talk with guruji. Chanchal sensed this session would be a useful one. After sometime, satsang started. Lalitanandanatha asked guruji….

Lalitanandanatha: Guruji, how would we know whether we are spiritually progressing or not?

Guruji: The walking god of Kanchi once gave an excellent answer for this question. “If your inducement desires are increasing you are falling down, if there is no change in the level of your inducement desires it means you are stopped and if they are decreasing that means you are progressing”. This is a self-test. Everyone can test himself or herself.

Prabhat: Guruji, why Sri Lalithambika said as Shivasaktaikya rupini?

Guruji: Srichakra is the combination of both Shiva chakras and Shakti chakras. There are four Shiva chakras and five Shakti chakras. Union of these nine chakras is Srichakra. Here, Shiva is Kameswara and Shakti is Kameswari. Dwandam (duality) is there in this combination. This mithuna is cause for creation. The state of absence of this dwandam is advaita (non-duality). Here there is no Kameswara and Kameswari. Only one existed. From this, mithuna has evolved. At the time of laya, this mituna will merge and become one. That means Kameswara and Kameswari become one. That merged union known as Lalithambika. That is why Sri Lalithambika known as shivasaktaikya roopini. This state is sarvanandamaya, above the tureeya dasa, above the saantya kala, vimarsa-prakasa and parabrahma swaroopa. This parabrahma swaroopa known as Lalithambika. Initially, a sadhaka will see Shiva and Shakti separately. Once he progress in a right way then he will realise there is only one that is parabrahma. This is as per yantra sanketa.

Now we see mantra sanketa. We know Panchadasi is fifteen-lettered mantra. Out of fifteen letters, ka, ha are shiva bijas, A,E,l,sa are Shakti bijas. Hreem is shivashakti bija. Now I need not explain further to know the answer to your question.

Purna: Guruji, if there is only one i.e. parabrahma, then who are we and to whom we are doing puja?

Guruji: Good question Purna. In fact, there is no difference be among us. All creature are one and same. Here meaning is chit but not gross body. Gross body can be different from creature to creature but whatever the chit is there that is same for all creature. This chit also known as chitkala i.e. Chaitanya. This Chaitanya is Shakti. Therefore, this common Shakti is there in all creatures. A creature with this Shakti known as Shiva and without Shakti known as shava (dead body). We just learnt that parabrahma is shiva-shaktiaka rupini. So, we are parabrahma. Answer to your first part of the question is this. Coming to next part, please recollect nyasa, antaryaga parts of NP. Through nyasas we are identifying ourselves as Srimata. In antaryaga what we are doing? We are taking out our Chaitanya from our left nostril and keeping it in a flower through trikhanda mudra. What mantra we are chanting while doing so? “Amruta Chaitanya moortim kalpayami namah:” is the mantra we are chanting and keeping that flower on the Srichakra. By doing so, what happened? The Srichakra electrified with your Chaitanya. Then you are doing the puja. Therefore, we are parabrahma and we are doing puja to our chaitanya. Hence, NP should be performed by knowing these inner concepts. Then only you can get proper results.

By listening above, Chanchal’s software logical brain started working. He pose a question to guruji.

Chanchal: Guruji, if we are taking out our Chaitanya out of our gross body, then how this gross body is able to work? Is it not becoming shava (dead body?)

To be continued…