SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 32 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 32 - By Bhuvananandanatha

He could not decide wheter to answer the call or not. He thought for a while and told himself that nothing wrong in talking to her and then he answered her call.

Prema: Hi…darling. How are you?

Chanchal: I am fine. You?

Prema: Fine. Are you free today?

Chanchal: Yes, what is the matter?

Prema: Shall we meet? He is out of station. You must know this.

Chanchal: Yeah…yeah…I forgot, infact. He went to Paris. So…..

Prema: What so…budhu… Come for lunch.

Chanchal was silent for few seconds and then said O.K. Prema asked him…

Prema: Dear are we committing any wrong?

Chanchal wanted to say ‘yes’ but his longingness for her and his masculinity could not accept that reply.

He told her “I do not know” but “I love you.”

Prema: Umm…I too…

Chanchal: Ok, dear wait. We talk once I reached there.

Prema: Come fast. I am waiting for you. She ended the call.

Chanchal was thoughtless for some time. One side his mind (budhi) was telling him not to go and another side his manas was forcing him to go. Finally, his manas won over his mind (budhi). He weened his guruji and Srimata once. He prayed Srimata, Maa “I am helpless in this regard. So please forgive me”. He concluded himself that he is not committing any sin since they are lovers since long. By thinking all other possible reasons on his side, he himself answered that it is not wrong to meet her. Finally, he
started to move to meet Prema.

While moving he got a phone call from Aakarsha.

Aakarsha: Dear…what are your doing?

Chanchal: I am on work.

Aakarsha: Are you going out?

Chanchal: Yes, I am going to meet a client. I may come late today. You and Moha finish your dinner. Do not wait for me. By the way, why you called me?

Aakarsha: It seems you have forgotten today’s importance. I thought of asking you to come home early. You are ignoring me now a days.

Chanchal was silent for some time and tried to recollect what today’s speciality is. However, he could not. Then he told Aakarsha “Sorry dear. I am unable to recollect importance of today because of my
office tensions”. Please let me know what it is.
Aakarsha: Today is my birthday.

Chanchal was shocked and stopped his vehicle on side of the road. He could not talk to her for some time. Then Aakarsha told…

Aakarsha: Okay dear. Do not worry. Birthdays will come and go. Duty should be the first priority. Therefore, you take care of your duty first. We celebrate later.

Chanchal found some disappointment in her voice. He could not decide what to do now. Whether to meet Prema or go home? He thought, “I may not get this golden opportunity if I miss Prema now”. After
some work out, he started his vehicle towards Prema’s residence.

We know very well that a mother never leave her children especially during hard times. To normal persons like Chanchal and us materialistic desires always appear like nectar. We cannot understand them as poison. On the other hand, puja, meditation or any other devotional related acts will appear as bane. We do some sadhana forcibly for ten to fifteen minutes and feel great. Such type of persons will be bonded by karma. However, a sincere but oscillating minded sadhaka who is struggling to get rid of dumps and longing for truth will get divine help in a rightway. During such journey, asuras will attack sadhaka and try to stop him without progressing spiritually. A person who is faithful of his devotion will get protection from such asuras. This is nothing but war between god and asura. Here, spiritual sincerity only save a sadhaka. Chanchal is sincere as far as his sadhana is concerned. Main problem with him is a swinged mind for other women. This is one of the karma phala. Normal persons have to face this karma. But a Srividyopasaka can eradicate his karma with sincere devotion and sadhana. Such sadhaka will get a divine help and guidance undoubtedly. Only thing is that we cannot identify it.

Chanchal is about to reach the choice of his destination. Suddenly his phone rang again. He thought not to lift the call if it is Aakarsha. But to his surprise it was Purna. Chanchal surprised for few seconds and
perplexed whether to answer the call or not.

To be continued….