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Guruji: Certainly, not. In fact, it is a boon to all jivas. Even in Upanishads, sex categorized as Daiva aananda. You may refer Taittireeya Upanishad. In Taittireeya Upanishad various anandas like manusha, daiva etc. anandas were told. In this, sex categorized as daiva ananada. In the same way in Seekshavalli
of Taittireeya Upanishad it was told that a gruhastha should have physical intimacy with his wife during rutu kala. Here, rutukala means days from fifth day to fifteen days after completion of mensuration. In the immediate next mantra to this mantra, it told that a gurhastha should have children also. It also said that gurhasta should learn and teach this to his next generations.

From above, the worth noting point is sex with whom? One should have physical intimacy with his dharma patni/pati only. He/she should not have any such relation with others. Having such relation is a
sin. Please refer Sri Lalitha Sahasra Nama No.214 Mahapataka nasini. What are maha patakas? Stealing gold, habit of drinking, brahma hatya (killing a Brahmin), intimacy with guru patni and friendship with a
person who committed above sins are pancha (five) maha patakaas. Here intimacy with guru patni means not only guru wife but also all women other than his own wife. So having physical intimacy with a
woman/man other than his/her dharma partner is a Maha pataka. That means it is a great sin. In this way, sex is a sin but not a dharma intimacy. Dharma partners known as Kameswara and Kameswari or Bhairava and Bhairavi. Now you relate this with kaula basics what I told you just before. You will realize how kaula is not a sin. I am neither supporting nor opposing kaula.

Chanchal: Now I understand it Guruji. But guruji, it is very difficult to control manas without passing on other women. Whenever I see a woman my mind immediately think of her physical features. How to control it?

Guruji: Controlling manas is the major part of a sadhana. What is the use of doing sadhana without cleaning of internal malas (impurities)? There are certain procedures in navavarana puja of Srichakra to clean the impurities. That is nothing but Tattwashodhanam. Also, please recall tattvachamanam we do before start of sadhana. These procedures are for cleaning of impurities. It will take time to fructify these procedures. To get rid of the problem you expressed we should practice a normal technique apart from above mantra procedures. That is whenever you see a woman just you say in your mind “Sri Matre
Namah”. What does it mean? It means you are recognizing her as Srimata. You practice it. This is a simple technique and will become a habit quickly. Once you habituated to this then see how this world looks. Please remember Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsaji used to respect a prostitute also in this way.
Slowly your desire for other woman will be subsided. Remember one thing “manah moolamidam jagat” i.e. jagat is there in manas. In other words, yadbhaavam tad bhavati i.e. it will happen in the way you
feel. So practice it.

Chanchal: It is nice advice guruji. I will try to practice it. Further, I would like to learn controlling of thoughts while doing japa. I am implementing the technique you told me earlier to control thoughts. But it is not working full. I am unable to control my thoughts full. Therefore, what is happening is my mantra japa is going on one direction and my thoughts are going on another direction. Of course, my mind is following my thoughts only. Please bless me to control my thoughts.

Guruji: This is a very important question, dear son. You must know this certainly. Manas will waver always. Budhi will steady. When manas is in dominating position, it will control budhi. Then budhi will follow the orders of manas and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to control the manas. To control
the manas what you have to do is concentrate on the place from where mantra is generating. Here, shabda (sound/vak) brahma concept is there. Para, pasyanti, madhyama and vaikhari are the shabda
brahmas. Now we understand the places of these shabda brahmas. As per samaya para vak will be in sahasrara whereas as per kaula it is in muladhara. No one can recognize this sound. This will be in avyakta roopa. Secret here is, this para vak is nothing but bindu in Srichakra. Thoughts can refer with para.

Next coming to pasyanti. Pasyanti means witnessing. This is approximate meaning. This evolved from para vak. Hence, this can understand as innermost triangle of Srichakra. This sound is very small. No one
identify this sound also. As per samaya, para vak move from sahasrara and reach muladhara. Then the sound at muladhara will be known as pasyanti. This will be like a sprout. The secret in this concept is
that this light weighted sound is known as Bala Tripurasundari. As per kaula, para vak at muladhara move to manipura. Thoughts converting into sound.

Next stage of shabda brahma is madhyama. This is very important for sadhakas. This sound is in between pasyanti and vaikhari. This sound can be identified with manas. The place of this sound is anahata. This point is common to both kaula and samaya. A mantra sadhaka should try to hear this
sound. A mantra is a shabda rupa. Once chanting the mantra started, it will take some shape in anahata through the journey explained above. If you concentrate deeply then you can identify that mantra is
being generated from this point. This is more important. Even the Great Ramana Maharshi used to tell to catch the sound generation point. If you start practicing it, you will find no disturbance from thoughts. By doing so on one day or another day you will dissolve in that place. At that time no mantra,
no yantra, no tantra. Everything will be one and same. It is a kind of Samadhi. In fact, all mantras are one and same. It is worth noting point is how quick you gain the concentration. Some mantras will give such
concentration fast and some other will give late. That is the difference. Hence, do not bother about thoughts generating during mantra japa. Just try to identify from where these thoughts are generating while doing mantra japa. Importantly it is better to do mantra japa inside instead of chanting openly. Also, try not to move your lips. Just stay steady and do mantra japa. Slowly you will accustom to this procedure and then you will find actual results of mantra japa.

Next stage is vaikhari. This is nothing but a clear sound what we listen normally. Whatever the sound we are making while talking now is the vaikhari rupa. Once, shabda brahma leaves anahata, it come out of our mouth through vishudhi chakra. If you make this sound move forward instead of moving it from your mouth then it will move to ajna. Ajna is the triputi junction. Here, ida, pingala and sushumna will become one. This point is also called as Sandhya. This is triveni sangamam. In brahmanda Ganga,
Yamuna and Saraswati union (sammelan) at Allahabad is triveni sangam and in pindanda Sandhya point is triveni sangam. From this ajna point, Shakti will move towards sahasrara through sukshma (subtle)chakras. Hence, it is advisable to do mantra sadhana inside.

Guruji continued….I have revealed you some secrets of sadhana. You implement them and get some spiritual benefits. I do not see any difference among my disciples. I can understand your spiritual development by your quality of questions. If you progress rightly, you will get some higher standards
doubts. I will try to clarify them if you ask me. Sometimes, our doubts will be clarified automatically during our sadhana. That state is very good in fact. I bless and wish you to come to that state. When you come next time I will give you Sri Medha Dakshina Murthy mantra and other uttaranga mantras. Sri Medha Dakshina Murthy mantra will help you to clarify doubts automatically. Next time you come with your dharma patni. I will give her some upadesa so that she can support you in your spiritual journey. We discuss about Srichakra in our next class. Do sadhana well till then.

To be continued….
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Re: SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) - PART 30 - BY Bhuvananandanatha

Waiting for further instructions.
Does this "Sri Medha Dakshina Murthy mantra" have to be as per UdAtta, AnudAtta and Swarita incantation?