SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 27 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 27 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Like that Chanchal passed more than one year. Nothing happened abnormal. Everything was as usual.
His sadhana and friendship with Prema continued as usual. He used to meet Guruji whenever he finds
time. He could not learn new things from Guruji for unknown reason.

We know that Srimata never leave her children. She give opportunities in a right manner and in right
time. Chanchal also got such an opportunity to check himself.

Readers should note words “check himself”. Checking oneself is more important in a spiritual life.
Everyone will get this opportunity at regular intervals. Only thing is one must identify it. One day,
Chanchal also got such an opportunity.

One day Moha asked him….

Moha: Papa, why don’t we go out? Now a days you stopped taking me out.

Chanchal: Umm….That is true dear. We went out long back. Tell where we go?

Moha: We go Shimla. I want to play in ice.

Chanchal: Shimla is very nice place to visit but we have to spend at-least ten days including journey
period. Better to think of alternate place. I will take you to Shimla when we get long leave.

Akarsha: Then we go Ooti, it is near to our place.

Chanchal: This is also a good idea. Ok, we go. Let me check the bank balance. We need thirty thousand
atleast for the trip.

Akarsha: Thirty thousand? It is too much naa….

Chanchal: Of course, but what I think, instead of spending that much amount for enjoying weather
conditions why don’t we spend for some other better purpose. After Ooti, our pockets will be empty but
no other benefit I can see. We can remember that fun for one or two days. After that, we forget. I am
ready to spend money for us. Only thing I see is some benefit that need not necessarily be monetary.

Akarsha: Then you tell what we do. He appeared her new. He never be like that. She surprised also
about his proposal.

Chanchal: See, you want a cool weather and Moha want a nice place for playing and I want a place
where some peace is available. I am thinking about Srisailam. We can spend our money in a meaning
and purposeful way. We can have darshan of Lord Shiva and his companion Shri Bharmarambika. The
greatest point of this place is both Jyothirlinga and Shakti petha are there. Now weather also will be
good there.

Akarsha and Moha nodded their head approvingly for Chanchal’s suggestion. Akarsha wanted to go out
to take rest from household works. She always spends time for household works. Sometimes, women
need this type of leave certainly. Though she disappointed for not going Ooti, still she is happy to
accept the Chanchal’s proposal.

Chanchal gave message to Prema not to disturb him next three days since he will be with his family.
Before moving to Srisailam, Chanchal told Guruji about his trip. Guruji told him what to do there. While
moving back from Guruji, Guruji looked at him so deeply and smiled for few seconds. Chanchal does not
know that. However, Guruji know what will happen there.

Here point worth noting is Chanchal never thought of pilgrimage trips earlier. He knew to spend the
money in pubs and clubs until now. He never bothered about spending thousands of rupees for that
purpose. However, what happened now? He thought of money and place. What could be the reason for
He could not identify the unknown force driving him to Srisailam. It need not be a Srisailam. It can be
any pilgrim place, any other temple or an unexpected meeting with a siddha purusha (satsang) etc.
Since Srisailam is near to his place, he is driving so. Hundreds of kilometers journey also should start
with a single step.

Next day they reached Srisailam. After settle down there in a guesthouse, they went for darshan.
That was around evening six. Sunset was very beautiful that day. Clouds were appearing in reddish pink
colour. A big bell sound was reaching their ears in a rhythmic way. Chanchal’s mind was so calm at that
time. They entered the main temple door.

To be continued.....