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Guruji: A properly done mantra sadhana will give sidhis. It will activate kundalini also. If you do mantra sadhana in muladhara chakra it will give knowledge about past, present and future. In the same way mantra sadhan in other chakras will some other sidhis. Guruji told him how to do a mantra sadhana in muladhara chakra.
Purna expressed his gratitude to Guruji and then asked....
Purna: Guruji, bestowed with a sidhi is an indication to kundalini activation?

Guruji: Need not be. In some cases this sidhi may not come inspite of kundalini activation. But it is a rare case. A realistic kundalini activation is associated with sidhis to throw the sadhaka into moha or maya. If that sadhaka don’t fall in that web then he will be manifested as a yogi.

Purna: Guruji, recently I saw a webpost therein a sadhaka expressed his sadhana experience. He is a foreigner from Alaska. He got Mahasodasi mantra initiated by a Guru in Gujarat through telephone. He
did Mahasodasi mantra sadhana for three months. After three months, one night while doing mantra japa he saw a big light in his forehead. After darshan of that light, he said, he felt rejunevated and thought he got darshan of Srimata. His guru told him Srimata is Jyoti swaroopa. After this darshan, he said, he could not stay in one place, he was observing someone is following him, he could find that shadow wherever he goes and some more like that. Finally he declared that he is ‘self realised’ and got the state of Aham Brahmasmi. Is self realisaton that much so simple guruji?

Guruji: Why not, if you do such deep and intensified sadhana.

Purna observed some irony in Guruji’s words.

Purna: Forgive me Guruji if I told anything
wrong. My intention is nothing but to know the sastra.

Guruji: What to say, Purna. Present days are like this. Modern gurus, modern sastras. Modern sisyas, instant results. A light in forehead is not self realisation. If you sit for three hours continuously thinking of it you can observe a light in your forehead. It does not mean that you got self realisation. You tell one thing. Can you erect a building without basement/pillars? Can you move to sixth floor without passing ground floors? In the same way can muladhara sthita kundalini reach Ajna chakra directly without
passing other chakras? Why people miss this simple logic? My suggestion to you is don’t waste your precious time by reading those insane articles. Instead you can utilise your time for sadhana.
By seeing Prema’s SMS Chanchal felt very happy and at the same time he remembered Akarshas presence in the kitchen. He immediately replied her “Hi...I am in home. Will catch you tomorrow” and
then changed her contact name as Premkumar and deleted that message. That night, Akarsha asked him....

Akarsha: What dear, you rocked today. What’s the matter? She wicked her left eye.

Chanchal: Because of you only darling. By seeing you in such a posture doing housework I could not resist myself. Your beauty made me mad. He took her into his hands. She fell on his chest very happily. He
thought of prema in place of Akarsha at that time.

Next day, while driving office, he thougt of kaula again. “Why I am thinking in that direction only? There may be some intrinsic reason behind those practices. Is it right to think like that without knowing the inner concepts of those methods? I may be wrong. Then what to do? Shall I ask Guruji for inner
meanings? What will he think of me if I ask? He may think I am attracting to kaula. I don’t want to be like that. But how to know the other facts? He got some flash in his mind about google search. Yes, I should ask google mother. She will tell everything”.
After he reached office, he opened internet and searched for kaulachara. To his surprise he found so many websites on kaula. He found some texts and pictures also. He could not control his enthusiasm. He started reading some texts. He does’nt know which one is real about kaula and which one is not. He started viewing some websites. In many of the websites he found about worship of yoni. He found some nude pictures also. By clicking them he entered into some porn videos. He stunned and closed them
immediately. After a while, he thought what’s wrong in this? Its a part of life. He convinced himself and opened those websites again.
After sometime he got an SMS from Prema saying....
Prema: Hello...
Chanchal: Hi, How are you?
Prema: Where are you?
Chanchal: Office
Prema: Can I call you?
Chanchal: Why not? I am waiting.
From then onwards their relation got new life and grown upto some extent. They became phone friends and used to exchange their sexual secrets also but never got opportunity to meet personally.
(Readers can understand what could have happened between Chanchal and Prema. Their love story need not be discussed here. One thing is sure. Chanchal fell in the net of maya that he cannot identify. Let’s see how Srimata and his Guruji saved him...)