SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 25 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 25 - By Bhuvananandanatha

After one hour, Akarsh thought “what happened to him? He is so harsh and like jackal today. But he performed very well. I never had such experience earlier. I was in heaven” Chanchal was taking rest. She
could’nt ask him anything. He appeared her not normal at that moment. She left the place calmly.

After sometime, Chanchal went to bathroom. While taking bath he thought “What happened to me? Why I behaved like this? Is it because of kaula theory? Guruji told me only basics of kaula. If so, deep concepts would be more ferocious. Can I say ferocious? I don’t know. Whatever it may be, whether such type of worships also there? It’s really surprise to me. By listening these concepts I believe there should not be any objections for womanizing. If kaula is true what is wrong having sex with other women? I believe there should not be.”

He entered puja room and started japa. Surprisingly he could concentrate more than everyday at that time. After japa he thought “mantra japa is good today”. Nothing disturbed me. I thought I could not do
mantra japa well because of today’s experience. So, there is nothing wrong or right in this world. If so, why don’t I enjoy the life more? Suddenly he thought of Prema. What a beautiful lady she is? Her beauty
has increased more compared to our college days. We departed after her marriage. We met again after long time in late night party that day (Readers may refer Part12). She is wife of my boss, a lucky fellow to have such a gorgeous lady. He does’nt know about our love. Poor fellow. He could not thought of
Akarsha at that time. To his surprise he got an SMS in his mobile. That was from Prema saying “Hi”....
At the same time Purna and Guruji were talking....

Purna: Guruji, You told some basic concepts of Kaulachara to Chanchal. I felt it’s too early for him to know these concepts. He may misunderstood and misuse the concepts. Please forgive me to share my opinion against your decision.

Guruji: You are right Purna. It is certainly correct in case of normal people. But Chanchal is little different from that of normal people. Ofcourse, he has lot of sanchita karma in his account. He did some sadhana in his previous births. That led him to start upasana again in this birth also. He has some doshas related to kaama. He has to wash them as early as possible. We have to help him in this process. Spiritually he
cannot progress unless he cleansed his karma. His real test started from today. He will reach some spiritual high levels in this birth, if he withstand in this test. Then he will have only one more birth to get the salvation. Otherwise he has to take seven more births to get Srividya upasana again. If I am right,
Chanchals mind already started thinking of wild sex. Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya are real enemies to all jivas. No one can escape them. Who escapes them will become a yogi. These enemies
will be at different levels in each jiva according to their karma. Among them, Kaama is more dangerous. In Chanchal this enemy level is more compared to others. Let us wait and see how Srimata decides his

Purna: Guruji, you came to know about Chanchal’s past births and future births. Why I could not know?
Guruji: Knowing ones past and future is not a great thing. You can know them either through jataka kundalini or through mantra sadhana. If you know these things through mantra sadhana then it is known as a sidhi. These sidhis are hurdles to mantra sadhana. They will throw a sadhaka into maya.
Hence, a sadhaka should not crawl for such sidhis. That’s why Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa told “Sidhis are asudhas”. A sadhaka who got these sidhis should not promolgate them for his personal use. They
can be used for society, if necessary only. You can find such selfless sadhakas very rare.

Purna: You are one of them guruji, he thought. Guruji, when and how such sidhi will come to a sadhaka?

Guruji started telling him.....