SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 22 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 22 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Namaste Guruji. Please forgive me for not in touch with you for such a long time. Chanchal touched
guruji’s feet.
Guruji: It’s OK Son. Sometimes it happens like this. You were busy with your personal life. Leading
personal life in dharma way is also a sadhana. So don’t worry. Hope your sadana is going on well.
Chanchal: Yes, Guruji. My sadhana is going on very well. Now a days I am moving less in society. I mean
to say I am not getting interest to waste my time in parties and other social meetings.
Guruji smiled and replied “so Bala hridaya mantra started working”
Chanchal: ……
Guruji: How your panchadasi upasana is going on?
Chanchal: Satisfactorily, guruji. I have some doubts.
Guruji: Yes, dear. Don’t keep any doubts with you. Let me know your doubts. I will try to clear your
Chanchal: How many rishi sampradayas are there in panchadasi and what is the difference of these
Guruji: There are many rishi sampradayas. Out of which three are very important. 1) Dakshinamurthi 2)
Ananda Bhairava and 3) Manmadha. Dakshinachari’s will follow Dakshinamurthy, Kaulacharis will follow
Ananda Bhairava. I have no much information about Manmadha guru sampradaya. Some Dakshinachara
sampradaya sadhakas will follow Ananda Bhairava rishi instead of Dakshinamurthy.
Above three are based on rishi sampradaya. There is one more important sampradaya in which no rishi
will be followed. That is Samayachara. As per a true Srividya practitioner this tradition is better than
others. I will tell you about this tradition later.
As far as puja part is concerned both Dakshinachara and Koulachara are one and same. In both
sampradayas puja will be done based on certain object i.e. Srichakra/Meru/”Ptratyaksha Srichakra”. The
main difference is Srichakra made up of some loha will be worshipped by Dakshinacharis and
“Pratyaksha Srichakra” will be worshipped by Koulacharis.
Chanchal: Guruji, what is pratyaksha Srichakra?
Guruji: It is secret in nature. Guruji revealed that secret to him with low voice.
Chanchal’s eyes were widened by listening that. He surprised. He could not believe that puja method.
Immediately he asked…
Chanchal: Guruji, is it so? Who will do such a heinous worship?
Guruji: No, son. You should not say like that. You should respect all traditions. There is no such thing
heinous in this vidya. All are one and same.
Chanchal: Is really ladies do such things like that? Still that tradition is live?
Guruji: Yes, still it is popular. There are so many such practitioners also. More are available in Bihar,
Bengal, Kerala. Ofcourse, in other states also this tradition is being followed.
Chanchal: If, that is so, why this vidya is divided into Dakshinachara and Koulachara? What is the basic difference between these two? Moreover, I heard a tradition vamachara also. What is this?
Guruji started explaining him…
Krishnakant Krishnakant
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Re: SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 22 - By Bhuvananandanatha


Koti pranamams for again starting the SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS). i was eagerly waiting for the continuation