SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 19 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 19 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Guruji continued………..
In this way you should practice those mantras, said guruji.

Chanchal: Guruji, it’s amazing. I have no words to express my inner joy after listening to you about the actual sadhana process of mantras. I am feeling some kind of energy in me. I feel I am rejuvenated now. Something is probing me to do sadhana now. Kindly allow me to practice sadhana in the way you taught me right now.

Guruji smiled and said “proceed” to Chanchal.
Chanchal sat in Padmasana posture. Started visualizing the mantra deity. He closed his eyes. The moment he closed his eyes, Prema face came into his mind. He shocked for some seconds. Why he could see Prema face instead of Aakarsha? He stopped that picture forcedly and tried to visualize mantra deity. The moment he was thinking about deity, he could see some other irrelevant picturesque. He told his mind….concentrate….concentrate….just think of what Guruji told just now…. He tried to control his mind with little strong determination now. He stopped thinking. He thought he stopped thinking. Again he started mantra practice. Suddenly he remembered Moha. Yes, Moha…Where is she? I could not see her since we came here. He wanted to call her loudly. She must be safe here and there. I need not worry. He told himself. Again he started chanting of mantra. Now his mind filled with bed scenes he enjoyed with Aakarsha. He shocked and fainted. Is it the right to get those thoughts at this time? He wanted to shout loudly. Somehow he controlled himself. With this disturbance he opened his eyes. Guruji was there observing him.

Guruji smiled and told him “don’t worry. Your family members are here only. They are enjoying in their way today.” Just concentrate and remember dhyana sloka ignoring whatever attacking your mind. By saying this he put his right palm on top of Chanchal’s head (Sahasrara).

Chanchal’s mind became cool. Slowly he started chanting dhyana sloka. Now he was not just reading it. He was preparing a mind map how the deity will be as per dhyana sloka. He was able to visualize the form of deity as per dhyana sloka. By doing so he started mantra japa. No bead mala for counting. Only japa.
After some time, he could hear sound of sacred bell. He slowly came into outer world. He remembered that he is in ashram. He opened his eyes and found no one near to him.
He slowly moved towards puja mandir. While moving he heard Maaji telling something to Aakarsha. Moha is in her lap.

Gouriji: Sri Lalitha Sahasra nama are very important. They were authored by Vak devatas not by human beings. Almost all Srividya related secrets are there in these namas. As per sastras, some of the mantras will not be given to women. But if you practice these namas with utmost devotion and love, you will get more phala than any other mantras. Srimata likes these mantras very much. If you chant these namas especially during night time before going to bed with meaning of each mantra you will get the darshan of Srimata in your dreams. This is sure.
Aakarsha: I do it certainly, maaji. I chant namas in the way you taught me.

He understood that Maaji told Sri Lalitha Sahasra namas to Aakarsha. Chanchal felt very happy.

He moved to Puja mandir. There he found Guruji offering maha naivedya to deity. After completion of nivedana, Guruji came near to Chanchal.

Chanchal immediately fell on the feet of Guruji with wet eyes and said…

Chanchal: Guruji, this is the first time I felt what mantra and its dhyana is. I ….I…..

He could not express his inner feeling. He was pumbling and trumbling. Guruji understood his position and told him “come up my boy…come up” by slightly slapping on his shoulder.

After completion of lunch, they started to home.

Aakarsha: This place is very serene. Now days I never felt this much of happiness whatever I am feeling now. To say openly, I never found this much of joy and happiness when we were in dancing bars and night out parties. Maaji is very nice person. Some aakarsha (attraction) is there in her eyes. Her words are pouring nectar. I am surprising how she got this. She is really great.

Moha: Yes, mother. I like this place very much. I have so many friends here. We all played with cows and their calves. We counted twenty cows and their forty fore legs.

Chanchal: Are, dear twenty cows will have eighty legs not forty four.

Moha: Father, shame…shame… twenty cows will have forty front legs only.

Chanchal and Aakarsha surprised for a while and then felt very happy. She never like this earlier. She always confused with numbers. Now she is able to count properly. He understands importance of open and freedom education. Generally, he found Moha very tired whenever they go out. Today is different. She is still energetic and happy.
He just recollecting what happened to him when he was in sadhana in the presence of Guruji. He could not get the full clarity of it. He ignored it and thought of doing sadhana vigorously. At that moment, he could not know that he is going to face a big test….spiritually…. Time is the biggest master of all. It knows how to teach its children well. Time is the kaala. Kaala is Bhairava. Bhairava is Amma (Srimata). Amma knows her children better than anyone.

So what happened next???
To be continued…..