SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 18 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 18 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Mantras can be a single lettered mantra or more than single lettered mantra. The letters in mantra are known as bijas. A single bija can be combination of various letters. Generally each bija will have energy generating power. A sadhaka must know in which way they generate such energy. That process is a science. There is no use of practicing mantras without knowing that science. See, all humans communicate (talk) with each other but all our communication means are not mantras. They are just words, sentences etc. Remember, letters which produce energy are known as mantras. If you know this art/science, you will recognize that all mantras are one and same. Process of practicing that science is mantra sadhana. So, it is very important to know the science of practicing bijas. Practicing bijas/mantras is nothing but how to pronounce them, how to contemplate them in our body, what is the nyasa of these bijas etc. It should be learnt from an experienced practitioner. This science cannot be learnt from books, internet, audio CDs, video CDs etc. Unfortunately, more people finding their sadhana way in such means now days. Purna have such type of followers more. Of course they are his students but not disciples.
Purna smiled and nodded his head approving guruji’s words.
So, it is important to know how to pronounciate mantras.
Chanchal: Guruji, I am lucky. By the grace of God I am blessed with a realized guru. By the way, Guruji, you said that after some time all mantras one and same. If so, why do we have ‘n’ number of mantras?

Guruji: It is for normal people like us. Not for Sidha purushas like Sri Ramana Maharshi. We are fledglings. We have to start from nursery to doctorate. If you start practicing high energy mantras at initial states, you may not withstand/bear that power. You must move step by step. Energy generating capacity of various mantras/bijas will differ. Some may fructify after recitation of one lakh times, some may after ten lakhs times etc. This is called various states of sadhana (sthayee bheda). A sadhaka must move from one state to higher state.
Moreover, Srividya is treasure of mantras. Why it is important to learn all these mantras? Keep in mind Srividya is not a puja. It is a yajna. In yajna you have to worship almost all deities. It is panchakritya yajna. Sristi, sthiti, laya, tirodhana and anugraha are panchakrityas. Each of these states is abode of various deities. We worship deities in their subtle form (sukshma rupa). Mantra is subtle form. So we have to practice ‘n’ mantras.
Chanchal: Guruji, if so why don’t we practice only the main mantra?

Guruji: You tell me one thing. If you want to meet either CM or PM can you contact him directly? Not possible. You have to approach or fulfill certain formalities. In the same way you have to perform certain processes and follow some procedures to reach ultimate goal of self realization. Remember, kundalini will move from Muladhara to reach Sahasrara. It cannot reach sahasrara without crossing all chakras and grandhis.

Chanchal: Yes, guruji. I understood now.

Guruji: Moreover, Srichakra Avarana Puja is very important in Srividya. While doing this puja we have to worship other deities along with Srimata. As I told you earlier, we worship deities in their subtle form. Hence, we need mantras of all deities. Once you progress from one state to next then you will realize whether mantras are required or not.
You have been initiated to Guru, Maha Ganapathi and Bala Tripurasundari mantras. Till now you chant them. Now you are well versed with those mantras. It is the time to know how to practice them. Now I will let you know that.

This part is secret. People who are sincere in their sadhana will be blessed with this.
In the mean time, Gouriji came there and took Aakarsha into the ashram. Guruji started revealing the secret sadhana process of Guru traya, Maha Ganapathi and Bala Tripurasundari mantras to Chanchal.

Guruji started….

To be continued….
Krishnakant Krishnakant
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Re: SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 18 - By Bhuvananandanatha


The stories are really inspiring for spiritual sadhaks. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. i sincerely thank for your efforts in uplifting spiritual masses.

Krishnakant Datta