SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 17 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 17 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Guruji continued….

You are not a sanyasi. You are in Gruhasthashrama. You should follow gruhastha dharmas. you must follow minimum required atleast if not all. A sadhana should not be an obstacle to your family and family life. Please keep in mind one thing always. There are certain people who want you and your services. You must take care of them first. Kids always look for their parents. They expect their parents to be with them always. In the same way your wife/husband and other family members also look for you. Why don’t you attend their daily needs first? You do your sadhana after attending them first. No one will disturb you then. You may say “I will not find time for sadhana if I attend them”. This is not correct. This is only finding a reason to avoid sadhana. Please remember one thing. “Taking care of your family members is also part of sadhana.“ Only thing you need is time management. You are matured person. You know better what is really required and what is not really required to lead a quality life. This is also in your hand. You are your own master as far as the time management is concerned. Time is nothing but kaala. So, you are kaala bhairava. If you manage the kaala effectively everything follow you like dog. You know it very well that a dog never leaves its master. This is the relation between kaala bhairava and dog. I need not explain you further in this aspect. You must wipe out from your mind that “I am great since I am doing sadhana”. Doing sadhana will not bring you greatness. Only following dharma will give you greatness. Sadhana will fructify if you follow dharma. Otherwise it is simply waste of time and unnecessary extra disturbances.

Chanchal: Yes, guruji. I have such feeling that I am great. What you said is true. I will erase such feeling certainly. I will follow your tips to manage the time.

Guruji: Next come to your thoughts during sadhana. It is almost impossible to stop thoughts during sadhana. You can find so many people promulgate with great vanity that they are in dhyana for hours together. “I did dhyana for three hours, ten hours etc…” Simply it is humbuck. Of course, there are real sadhakas. But you can count them on your finger tips. Dhyana is not simply sitting by closing eyes. If you close your eyes mind will open. This is what generally happens. Dhyana is search for you in yourself. You are there everywhere. As I told you earlier, there is no place without you. But question is how to know that. You have to involve yourself in you. That is sadhana. That will come with concentration. To get such concentration you need a pin point/object. Just recollect what happened to SriRamakrishna Paramahamsa when his guruji inserted a piece of glass in his forehead. That type of sthiti (state) is not possible to all. Hence we need a better one. That is nothing but mantra. There are certain ways to practice mantras. Unless you know these practices your sadhana will not fructify.
Earlier I told to you how to stop thoughts. (Readers may refer Part 10) You should not stop your mantra japa while following that tip. Some people will stop their japa and try to follow that step. No, it should not be. You should practice that tip while doing japa. This will help you to keep your thoughts on Srimata. Then you have to move further. Just think what for dhyana slokas are given? You must contemplate the mantra deity as explained in dhyana sloka. You must concentrate on deity rupa (form) given in dhyna sloka while doing mantra japa. You will have darshan of mantra deity in the rupa (form) in which you contemplate her while doing mantra japa, if that mantra fructifies. This is the importance of dhyana sloka. Please recollect Bhakta Dhruva and his sadhana. Saint Sri Narada told him how Lord Vishnu looks like. Bhakta Dhruva contemplated in the way Sri Narada taught him and had darshan of Sri Lord Vishnu exactly in the same way. In this way you can control your thoughts.

Chanchal: I will practice in such a way guruji. I hope thoughts will not attack me again.

Guruji: You must practice like that but you cannot stop your thoughts fully. They will attack you certainly.

Chanchal: Guruji, it’s confusing me. If thoughts not stopped what is the use of practicing that.

Guruji:  I told you above importance of practice like that. Sadhana should be step by step. You cannot study higher classes without qualifying lower classes. There is certain issue in above process. You will know it later. At this point of time you practice like above. You will get darshan of your ista devata surely.

Chanchal: Thank you, Guruji. I will follow your words. Furthermore, You told me there are certain ways to practice each mantra. Will you enlighten me on this guruji?

Guruji: Certainely, son.

Guruji started…..