SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 14 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 14 - By Bhuvananandanatha

As per Sidha’s guru lineage, Chanchal was initiated into Gurutraya, Maha Ganapathi and Bala Tripurasundari mantras. He told him with Rishi, Chandas, Devata, Poorva Nyasa, Dhyana sloka, Pancha pooja, Mula mantra, Deity Gayatri and Uttara nyasa. During the initiation Chanchal could not think of outer world. He was in some unexplainable trans during that period. This trans is like having concentration on only spiritual issues. No other issues were in mind. He followed guruji’s words carefully. That care had not come because of determination. That was because of powerful initiation process by guruji. Initiation process took place for one hour. Then Guruji told...

Guruji: Son, I gave you mantra and the procedure to be followed for mantra recitation. There is certain way how to practice i.e. pronounce each mantra. That is the prana of a mantra. Practicing a matra without knowing its prana is wasteful. This science of prana will be told you after you became well accustomed with the procedures. That means your spiritual development.

Chanchal: Guruji, how many times I should chant each mantra?

Guruji: You should chant each mantra minimum eleven times a day. It’s minimum only. There is no restriction on maximum number of recitation. My sincere advice is don’t dwell in numbers. Practice a matra ‘n’ number of times. More importantly you should practice every day. There should not be any exception.
Keep one thing in mind. Nothing to do with number of repetition of a mantra. It is required in some cases like graha dosha nivarana etc. In some traditions procedure following minimum number of recitations is there. They follow purascharana vidhi. It depends upon a tradition. We don’t follow purascharana vidhi. No doubt purascharana vidhi is a great one but in view of keeping time and costs involved in the process our guru lineage might not prescribe us. One thing is sure. Purascharana is not essential for a mantra sidhi. Some may agree or may not agree.

Chanchal: When mantra sadhana is to be done? I mean it should be done in the morning or evening?

Guruji: Shakti mantras will fructify fast during night time practice. But keeping in mind our busy schedule of our daily office works etc. it is recommended to do sadhana during Brahma muhurtha kaala. You know what is brahma muhurtha kala as you are doing Sandhya vandanam daily. You can practice during night time also, if you can.

Chanchal: Guruji, I have Gayatri, Lalita Sahasra nama stotra and now these mantras. In which order I should do all these?

Guruji: Sandhya vandana, Devata Aradhana, Mantra japa and Stotra parayana is the order one should follow. All these put together is known as sadhana. Devataradhana will be given to you in due course. So, you can follow the remaining in the order.

It’s already crossing seven in the evening. Chanchal took blessings from Guruji. Guruji offered him to take dinner there. He thought of taking the dinner for a while. Then he remembered Aakarsha and Moha. He said same thing to Guruji. Guruji smiled and said “good”. Further he told him to come along with them next time.

Chanchal thought “I have to spend more time spiritually. I should manage my timings effectively. Otherwise I could not develop spiritually. By seeing guruji, his ashram, his students and disciples I feel this is the right way of leading a life. Whatever the life I led till today is not the real life. My life till today is like electrical light and guruji leading life is like natural light. No need to think which one is better because there is no end to natural light which provides us actual jnana”.  

Aakarsha opened the door. She wore a cream color saree with hands less blouse. She kept some champak flowers in her hair. She stood up there by keeping one hand on her waist with a curved posture. By seeing she like that Chanchal could not resist himself without taking her towards him with his hand. She said…

Aakarsha: Wait baabaa… go and have bath. Moha is sleeping already.

An uncontrolled vigil had come from Chanchal. He went inside the bath room. While taking the bath he got thoughts of guruji and ashram. He wanted to share that with Aakarsha. Immediately he recollected Aakarsha’s beautiful makeup that day. He dwelled in her thoughts as usual.

That night went out as usual in Chanchal’s way. Anyhow he managed to wake up early in the morning.

He started his sadhana. He completed sandhya vandana with excitement of starting Srividya mantras. So he did not bother much for not concentrating on gayatri mantra. Then he started practicing mantras given to him.

He felt great while following the process. Guru traya matras went well. He started practicing Maha Ganapathi mantra. He decided to do it 108 times. He saw time. It’s already 6.30 am. He had to start to office by 7.30. So he started chatting Maha Ganapathi mantra very fast. His mind felt time is running so his mouth chatting fast. After few seconds his mind started thinking of his office, house related works, women, parties etc.. Now also mouth chatting the mantra fast. In one way he thought of stopping those thoughts. This time his mouth has not followed his mind. At the same time he felt “when 108 times will complete? Unnecessarily I took oath to do it for 108 times. Guruji said minimum eleven times. I should have chanted it for eleven times today. Any how I have to do Bala mantra also. Let me finish this Ganapathi mantra first.” Recitation of Ganapthi mantra 108 times completed while thinking like that only. During this mantra practice he could recollect guruji’s words for minimum number but not maximum number. That is the vidhi.

Then he started Bala Tripurasudari mantra. After initial process, he started Bala Hridaya mantra. Guruji told him “hridaya mantra is present in very less guru lineage”. It is a difficult mantra. Bala mula mantra is very easy mantra but hridaya mantra is very difficult. So he started chatting it. After one time, he heard the song “Dhoom machaale…dhoom machaale” with big sound from his living room. He confused for some time. Automatically his mouth caught that song for few seconds…very few seconds. Immediately his budhi made him alert and shouted what sound that was? Aarkarsha ran to him immediately with question mark face. He asked her…

Chanchal: What’s that sound?

Aakarsha: Moha watching TV.

Chanchal: Is it the right time. Ask her to stop it.

Aakarsha: She won’t complete breakfast if I stop it. You adjust.

Chanchal: OK, atleast you reduce the volume. My japa is nearing to complete.

Aakrasha: I will try. She left the place.

To be continued…….