SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 13 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 13 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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He saw guruji in yaga shala. Guruji and Poorna were doing some homa there. He does not know which homa it is. The “Swaha mantra” reaching his ear creating awesome pleasure in his mind. He was perplexed whether he should greet his guru or not. In the mean while a person came to him and said “Guruji is performing ‘Bhairava’ prayoga. It will take some time. Please be seated here. You can meet him after this puja”. Chanchal himself said “OK” and settled near to that homa kunda. He saw four persons sat near to Guruji. He observed, one person among them was not normal. His looks are into sunya (akasa). His concentration was not steady. He has not dressed properly. Grooming is also not good. He was moving his head continuously. Chanchal felt him as insane. He could not understand what was going on there. He thought of discussing this with guruji later. He noted down this point in his note book.

It’s about 11 AM. Chanchal remembered guruji’s words. Guruji clearly said no deeksha will be given after noon. He was hopeful that homa will be completed before that time. It was 11.45 AM. Now he started worrying about his initiation. He started feeling tension. After some time poornahuti started. Everyone stood up. Guruji and Poorna chanting poornahuti mantras in high pitch. Everyone was kept silent except the man who was purportedly be insane. He was laughing without any purpose. Guruji was concentrated on homa procession. He took some homa vibudi and applied on forehead of that man by chanting some mantra. He became silent the moment when Guruji’s hand touched his forehead. After application of homa vibudi on his forehead he fell on the lap of the person who sat near to him. After few minutes guruji sprinkled some puja teertha on him by chanting some mantra. All of sudden that man stood up firm and looked at the surroundings with some sort of surprise. He found his father near to him. He asked his father immediately,

Man: Father, what happened? What’s going on here? Why are we here?

Father of that man: Gopal, you are able to recognize me. Oh great. After long time you recognized me. Guruji saved us. By saying this he immediately fell on legs of Guruji. Guruji lifted him and said “take care of faulty spiritual activities. He is alright now. He will be normal forever. Don’t worry live happily”

They all took gurujis blessings and left the place with utmost happiness.

Chanchal could not understand and believe the scene there. His materialistic education could not allow him to believe this. He could not, if this incident was not witnessed by him. Still he had some doubts. He wanted to ask those to guruji. He just started moving towards guruji.
In the mean time a senior citizen lady came there and invited him for lunch. She is guruji’s dharma patni (wife). She is in gold complexion. Wore a big kumkum sectarian mark on forehead. Her name is Gouri. Guruji replied her…

Guruji: You please finish your lunch. I have to initiate this person today. He introduced Chanchal to Gouriji.

Guruma (Gouriji) glanced at him once and went inside the home.

Guruji looked at Chanchal and said “it’s already crossed 12.00. Initiation is not possible now. So wait for evening sandhya. Can you wait or will come later date?”

Chanchal: Certainly I will wait guruji.

Guruji smiled and went into home. Chanchal could not know what to do now. Rats are running in his stomach. Very seldom he observes fasting. He had to observe fast today unexpectedly. He called Aakarsha and narrated the situation. She said “OK”.

After few moments, Poorna approached Chanchal and smiled at him.

Chanchal greeted him casually. Poorna sat behind Chanchal. They introduced each other.

Poorna: Feeling hungry?

Chanchal: No…No…(pumbled).

Poorna smiled and said “I can understand your appetite”. But do you know no one in this ashram will have lunch today. Guruma follows guruji in each and every step. Since guruji will not take lunch today she also won’t take. None of us will take since Guruji and Guruma are not taking. It’s very common here. So we don’t have any problems. We forget all our troubles as long as we are in this ashram.

Chanchal felt spell bound. He felt, “all this is because of my wavering mind and uncontrolled desires. Guruji clearly said initiation timings and rules. I could not follow his words properly. How foolish I was yesterday. I should be careful from this time onwards. This type of incidents should not occur in future. No one should hurt because of my foolish behavior”.

Poorna interrupted his thoughts and said “Don’t worry my dear. It’s so common. You do not know guruji’s homa program today. Otherwise you could have planned this visit properly. So don’t think too much. Just leave it and enjoy the spiritual vibrations here”.

Poorna’s words gave him some sort of relief. He thought what a positive attitude he has. Then he asked…

Chanchal: What is this homa? Who is that person? What for it was done?

Poorna: It is Unmattha Bhairava prayoga. He is Mr.Gopal who was initiated into some kundalini prayoga by a person through internet. In fact both were not known each other in person. Mr.Gopal contacted him over telephone and got initiated. For that he paid two lakh rupees online to that person. Mr.Gopal started practicing it as per the directions sent him through internet. After some days Mr.Gopal’s situation turned like you saw in the morning. He became mad for improper guidance and practice he followed. Internet guru told that Mr.Gopal got siddhi and tried to commercialize the situation by demanding five lakh rupees. Mr.Gopal’s father got doubt and contacted me. We stay in same colony. Then we approached guruji and the rest is the history you know. That’s why since our ancient days all our sastras and traditional sadhakas promulgate the importance of guru. Unfortunately, that system got deteriorating and internet guru system getting popular day by day. The new system is useful for only ‘personal development but not for personality development’. Our guruji charged nothing from them.

Then poorna took chanchal to show the whole ashram. Chanchal found yaga sala, paaka sala, go sala (cow sala) etc. At one place they saw guruji in dhyna mudra. Guruji was in Samadhi state. Poorna told ...

Poorna: This is the meditation room. Srimata in Srichakra roopa is present here only.
Chanchal observed some reverence in the voice of Poorna towards guruji and ashram. By the time they completed the ashram visit it was about 5.00 pm. Guruji came out and asked Chanchal to have bath. Poorna provided him towel and deeksha dhoti. Chanchal felt shy for not bringing his own dhoti.

It was sandhya samay. The auspicious and Chanchal’s life turning time had come. Both guruji and Chanchal were in front of Shakti peetha. Guruji started initiating Chanchal. He kept his right palm on the Chanchal’s skull, place of sahasrara chakra. Chanchal felt a mild and firm shock like shivering in his spinal cord for few seconds. Process of Shakti pata started. At some distance Guruma was offering evening prayers. In that process she rang the ghanta (sacred bell). It is symbolizing approving of Chanchal initiation into Srividya by Goddess. Isn’t it? Chanchal entered the path of Srividya traditionally.

Let us see how he performed his spiritual journey…..