SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 12 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 12 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Two more days are to be passed for Sunday. Chanchal mind filled with excitement. He was eagerly waiting for next Sunday. Now he started writing his doubts on a piece of paper. His regular gayatri mantra japa was as usual. He tried to implement the tip given by guruji. It seems to be worked for very few seconds. Situation is as usual after that. His mouth and mind were doing their duties perfectly. He tried to recollect guruji’s lessons. He could so maximum fifty percent only. Then he himself decided to prepare notes on guruji teachings.

That day was Saturday. He is enjoying some kind of happiness, excitement in his mind. He was preparing mind maps on how to manage time. Now he was able to utilize the office timings effectively without any unnecessary overtime. At the same time he observed comments being passed by his colleagues about his non availability after official timings. He stopped bothering about such things though they are pinching him.

He thought “tomorrow is my life turning day. I will do sadhana strictly as suggested by guruji. I should not attract to other twinkles. I should keep my mind calm and keep it away from other attractions especially women. Movies are important source for attracting women. I shall stop watching movies. I will try to spend more time on meditation and other spiritual activities. I have good job and handsome salary. I need not bother about economical settlement. I have only one kid. My financial resources are sufficient to take care of my family. Aakarsha will take care of house related works. Now I have one support in shape of my guruji to understand my quest for truth. In fact, I do not know what truth is. I hope my guruji will tell me what truth is. In future I may become sanyasin. What will happen to my family members then? They should not suffer because of me. I should lay a strong basement for their economical life”.

His phone rang disturbing his thoughts. He came out of above Trans and answered the phone. He heard his colleague Anand’s voice….

Anand: Hi…today night out at “Touch me” Bar

Chanchal: What? He could not hear Anand properly

Anand: Arey yaar! Today is Saturday naa… We enjoy every weekend. This weekend we decided to enjoy at “Touch me” bar.

Chanchal became spell bound for some time. He knows about “Touch me” bar. It is very famous for mid night parties. He never went there. At the same time he doesn’t want to go there. He knows well what happened if he goes there. Mid night party will be upto 3.00 am at least. He cannot meet his guruji if he goes there. So with pain he wanted to tell “no”.

Anand: Hello, are you there?

Chanchal: Yes, I am thinking whether I can attend or not.

Anand: Why not? What happened? Tomorrow is Sunday. You can take full rest. That to it’s our office custom to enjoy weekends. Moreover, our colleagues are not happy with you. You are not mingling with us properly now days. Is everything OK with you? See, if you don’t come, colleagues will stop supporting you in work. Then you will have to face lot of problems in work. More importantly, it’s a family get together. All our family members, of course, couples will meet today. You know all these things well. Interestingly, boss wife Prema is also coming. Don’t miss this opportunity. I am advising as your well wisher. Don’t take any foolish decisions. Come there by 11.00 pm.

He put down the call.

Anand’s last words sounded in his ear like a big bell. Oh….Prema… No doubt she is very beautiful. She is very free in nature. She talks to everyone so friendly. We can forget time in her company. All men will be around her only. After long time she came back to India. We both studied in same college. We are classmates. We are more than that. Whether did she remember me? I should be careful with Aakarsha about her. Oh my God! What to do now? Shall I go to party or not. I have to meet my guruji tomorrow.

Aakarsha called him while he was thinking like this.

Aakarsha: Darling…what are you thinking?

Chanchal fainted. He knew very well that she is going to put a “tender” whenever she calls him darling!!!

Chanchal: About you only, dear.

Aakarsha: Umm…today is Saturday naa. I think you are thinking to take me out today. Am I right?

He sighed commonly and answered her…

Chanchal: May be but I have to meet guruji tomorrow. I am perplexed for that now.

Aakarsha: Umm…we do one thing. We just attend and come back as early as possible. Mrs. Preeti
called and asked our presence. We will watch a movie in IMAX and then go to party from there itself. Ok?

Chanchal: Ok, dear. When I said no to you? What about Moha?

Aakarsha: As usual. We take one room there. She will sleep there.

Chanchal: Ok, dear. Get ready then.

Chanchal was very tense because he is going to meet his ex-friend. He passed the time so heavily thinking of Prema. He could not remember his guruji during that time. He himself answered his inner voice that “today should be the last party. I will get deeksha tomorrow. Anyhow I have to stop these things from tomorrow. So, I will enjoy today”.

Finally they entered “Touch me” bar at 11.00 pm.

Its 7.30AM by the time Chanchal woke up. He told himself “Oh! My God… It’s late already. I should fresh up fast”.

He rushed to Guruji’s home. It’s was 9.00 AM.

To be continued…….