SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 11 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 11 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Chanchal thought of asking so many issues. But he could not remember many of such doubts. With benign voice he asked his guruji…

Chanchal: Guruji, shall I succeed in this path?

Guruji: Why not, son. I told you already, mother never leave her children. In fact, you are moving in right path. You have zeal to know the things. Others will not have such patience. They stop meditation once they observe these mental obstacles. They never dare to know the facts. In reality, they wait for an opportunity to stop meditation. Looking for opportunity will be in their mind so subtly. This is the game between ‘budhi’ and ‘manas’.

Chanchal: Guruji, how to clear the samskaras?

Guruji: Clearing samskara is not so easy. At the same time it is not impossible. Continuous deeksha is required.

Chanchal: So many deekshas are present in this world. Which one is better?

Guruji: All deekshas are good. “Aham Brahmasmi” is the ultimate realization. For that, Srividya deeksha is more powerful. Srividya is the one of the best way to clean the samskaras.

Chanchal: Am I eligible to get Srividya?

Guruji: Yes, you are. I fixed the day also. You can come next Sunday if you are free.

Chanchal felt so happy. Immediately he thought “so I can learn jana vaseekarana vidya also”. After few seconds he asked again….

Chanchal: Guruji, what I have to do to get the deeksha? Are there any restrictions to continue the deeksha?

Guruji: You have to come early in the morning. Remember, no deeksha will be given during aparahna time (noon time). So it should be completed before that time. Otherwise it can be given during evening sandhya time (sunset time). For that we both have to observe fast till completion of initiation. Hence, it is better to use morning time. You should perform head bath. Hope you are doing it daily. This is not applicable to women. You should not have habit of taking alcohol and meat. You should give up them if you have already. You should maintain some sort of shudhi both internally and externally. Especially, you should keep away from your wife during her menstrual periods. You should not eat food prepared by her during that period. To say simply, she should stay ‘separately’ from house related and works during that period. You should not touch her during that period. You should practice daily all mantras you got from your guru. This is to be done even if you have to go to smasana (burial ground) for any reason. No exception for this. These are simple restrictions. Please note that these restrictions will change from tradition to tradition and guru parampara to guru parampara.

Chanchal felt some discomfort while listening above simple restrictions. He worried about stay away from Aakarsha for at least three days. He thought “it is very difficult”. At the same time, something from his internal voice probed him to accept the challenge. He determined “I will try”. Then he asked….

Chanchal: Guruji, how deeksha will be given?

Guruji: There are three types of deekshas (initiation). 1) Sparsha deeksha 2) Veekshana deeksha and 3) Dhyana deeksha. Now we understand these initiations briefly.

1) Sparsha deeksha: In this method of deeksha, guru will give mantras by keeping his palm on head of the receiver. Here head means sahasrara chakram.

2) Veekshana deeksha: Here, guru will initiate his disciple by visualizing his disciple’s shatchakras.
Some gurus will follow both above methods simultaneously.

3) Dhyana deeksha: This is also known as mouna deeksha. Guru will initiate his disciple without any words and actions. Please remember Sri Dakshinamurthy. Sisya may present near to guru or may be at a long distance. A guru can initiate his disciple very effectively in this method. For this a guru should be like a Sri Dakshinamurthy.
It is a great initiation method, in fact. But now days more people are resorting to this method by using internet (skype, video chats, telephone etc) to ease their life. Simply think how many gurus like Sri Dakshinamurthy are available now days. If any such guru is there he never come out. You cannot identify such gurus also. Everyone wants instant initiations and materialistic results. No one wants actual truth. More to this pity some give postal initiation also. Do not know what material they will give and how that material will be useful to the followers. Because of these unhealthy and lifeless practices, mantras are not fructifying now days. The frustrated followers are becoming atheists. Some will find new guru and new procedures.

Chanchal: Guruji, what will happen or how it will helpful to a disciple because of above methods of deekshas?

Good question son Sidha said and started answering him….

A real guru is source of spiritual energy. His blood, each nerve and every minute part of his body filled with that energy. He passes on such hard earned energy to his disciple. This is called Shaktipata. A person who receives such energy only will withstand in spiritual journey. Others cannot perform journey. They will fall down. They cannot progress spiritually. You can observe ninety nine percent of such people now days. A spiritual journey without shaktipata is wasteful. It’s totally useless. You should recognize the sacrifice of guru here. He is passing on his hard earned energy. He acquired that powerful energy through various spiritual hardships and great penance (tapas). He is passing on such energy to a person who approached him. This energy is priceless. You cannot value it like a physical asset i.e. a building, land etc. That energy is divine in nature. Nothing is comparable with it. He is losing his divine power for you. Just think why should he lose his divine power just for you? Do you know how much pain he will take to regain his energy? He never expects anything from you. That is his love. This is the reason why in Srividya it is said guru and Srimata are one and same. He is like pratyaksha (visible) god after our parents. That’s why guru is more important. This is the reason why our Vedas also put guru in third place in the list of most respectable persons in our life. Please recollect Tittireeya Upanishad wherein it is said Matru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava and Atithi devo bhava. More interestingly, though Acharya is in third place his place is just after parents. Parents give us birth and bhukti vidyas. A guru will give us Para vidya. There is no substitute for guru’s sacrifice. No one can understand him properly. Generally, we ignore our guru and his path. If necessary we send him best wishes messages or other means of internet messages for want of blessings. We think several times to call him over phone with the fear of waste of money. Persons will learn para and apara vidyas from a guru as per their requirement and interest. A person who gets apara vidya will become student and a person who gets para vidya will become disciple. A person who follows guru vakya without fail is known as disciple others are simply students only. This is the difference between student and disciple. You asked me the difference between student and disciple. Did you remember? So, a person who is initiated into para vidya should follow guru vakya properly otherwise he will fall down to student category. In my life I have more students and very few disciples. You can count my disciples with your one palm. Ironically, more gurus are evolving now days without these facts and more and more people are run around them for want of fulfilling their desires. You can find clear cut business dealings between so called gurus and students. This relation becomes a joke now days.  

Chanchal felt in his mind “I will become your disciple, guruji”. He felt speechless and thought “guruji is right”.

He said, Ok guruji, I will come on Sunday early and touched his divine feet. Guruji blessed him.

That day he could not talk to his colleagues properly. He finished his work and went to home. He was describing his new learning to Aakarsha. Moha was listening silently. She could not understand what his father was telling. All of sudden he asked chanchal….

Moha: Father, what Srividya is?

Chanchal felt confused and shocked.  He does not know basic meaning of Srividya. He thought himself “What Srividya is”? He told Moha, OK dear, it’s already crossed 9.00 pm. You please sleep. I will tell you later. After some time Akarsha asked him the same question. He said Ok dear we discuss later and wrapped her in his hands. But his mind was thinking “What Srividya is”. He could not perform well on the bed that day.

To be continued…….