SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 10 - By Bhuvananandanatha

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SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 10 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Next day, Chanchal completed his regular japa as usual. This time he was thinking of his guruji and doubts to be asked while doing japa. After completion of japa, he thought, “I should get rid of these thoughts. Otherwise it’s simply wasting of time.” Immediately he rushed to his guruji’s house.

By the time he entered his guruji’s house, Purna was with him. Both were discussing seriously something. He went there, touched guruji’s feet and sat calmly. Purna was asking….

Purna: Guruji, is it true that Mayura sikhi will be used for jana vaseekarana (attracting people)?

Guruji: Yes, dear Son

Purna: How it will be used? Guruji.

Guruji: It’s a prayoga. It should be done during lunar eclipse night. There is some procedure to be followed for that. By the way, you have some jana vaseekarana mantras. Why do you want to do Mayura sikhi prayoga?

Purna: No, Guruji. I don’t want to attract people. I am interested in subject only.

Guruji: I know you, Purna. Subject should be moved from one generation to other generation. It’s a secret procedure. I will let you know when we are alone.

Purna: Dhanyosmi, Guruji.

Chanchal was surprising. He was thinking whether such things are there. He could not believe to hear such things in this 4G life. Frankly, he thought are we in raati yuga or super computer yuga.

Guruji turned towards Chanchal and enquired his wellbeing. After normal talks, Chanchal asked….

Chanchal: Guruji, in fact, while coming I thought of asking you more doubts. But I forgot many of them after your darshan.

Guruji: Ha…ha…ha… laughed little loudly and told him. It’s not my darshan mahima. It’s because of your wavering mind. That’s why I always suggest my students and disciples to note down their doubts.

Chanchal: Exactly, Guruji. I would like to take your guidance on that (wavering mind) only. I am facing a serious problem while doing japa.

Guruji: Tell me dear.

Chanchal: Guruji, I am waking up early in the morning. Doing sandhya vandana as you said. You told me, our mind will be so calm during early hours. But what I am facing is……………..
He narrated the whole thing what he was experiencing while doing japa.

After hearing all this Guruji replied.

Guruji: What is the problem? There is no problem at all.

Chanchal surprised and asked

Chanchal: Guruji, is it not a problem? I could not recite the mantra well. I am not finding any change in my life. I am thinking even I am wasting my time.

No, dear it is not like that. You have not understood the virad rupa of Mother. Guruji replied started explaining him the concept.

Guruji: Thoughts are your samskaras only. This is chidvilasa of Mother. She is every where. You cannot see a place without Her. Please recollect Bhakta Prahlada and his father Hiranyakasipa argument about Lord Sri Hari. Lord Sri Hari evolved from a concrete pillar. So, She is giving her darshan to you in your thoughts. Only thing you do not know is that, she is appearing like so. You may ask me why she should appear me in such thoughts. The reason is your samskara. You are yearning for that. You want that. You want always that only. For example, you want money, fame in society, sex, other women etc. Our mind filled with these things only. Not only now. It is so like that since your previous births. That’s why we always look for them. That’s why you could not turn your mind towards satvika rupa of Srimata. We all are Her children. She gives you whatever you want. A mother never says no to her children’s desires. Since you want money, fame etc… she is appearing like that. But do you know how She feel bad and sad about you for your materialistic desires?

"She weeps, Oh…my dear children. I have kept something great for you in store. But you are asking me impermanence things. If I say no, you will cry. I cannot see you crying. So I am obliging your desires. But you always indulge in such world and looking for one after another. There is no end for your desires. Sometimes I am letting you know the fact through some hardships because of love I have on you. What you do for that? You do some graha (planet) dosha pujas, visiting some fault sanyasis, gurujis etc… and try to get rid of your problems. Not only that you start visiting temples, offer dakshinas, abhiskekas etc… In this process you will lose your hard earned money and mental peace. By seeing your suffer and concern, I solve your problems. Once, your problems solved, you start again your previous life. You forget everything you did during your hardships. You never listen to me instead you want me to listen you. You just control your desires and put one step towards me. I will make you put three steps towards me. I will give you the permanent ananda (bliss). Such bliss you never enjoy in your materialistic desires. I am the fact, eternal fact. Permanent fact. Nothing will attack you and attach you once you know this truth. Remember, you are my dearest child. I will give you whatever you want".

Like this Mother will always look for her children. So, you have to control your materialistic emotions first.

Chanchal: Guruji, then how to avoid such things? My mother is making me happy. Ok. But how should I make her happy? How to control my materialistic emotions?

Guruji: You should turn towards her. Whenever such thoughts are coming during japa, you have to say them “O Ma! Are you giving me your darshan in such way? I don’t want this darshan. I want your pure sattwa rupa darshan. Please forgive me. I don’t want these materialistic desires. I want you only. I want to rest on your lap. Please brace me as your child. I would like to play with you. I don’t want to play with those rajo guna friends. I want truth, only truth but not others. I know you are the ultimate truth.”

You have to pray her like this. Let the mantra japa be done by your mouth. Then see, you will observe suppression of those thoughts.

Chanchal: Then the thoughts will disappear and never come again. He asserted.

Guruji: No, they never die. They will come again and again.

Chanchal: What? Then, when they will die? When my japa will be fructified? Guruji

Guruji: Dear son, your thoughts represent rajo guna. Rajo gunas are your best friends. Best friends will not leave you so easily. So, whatever I told you above is the first step towards proper japa. You practice it well. Then observe how things will improve.

Let us see what happened to Chanchal later…..

To be continued…..
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Re: SRIVIDYA SPHURANA (THOUGHTS) – PART 10 - By Bhuvananandanatha

I am waiting eagerly for the next episodes.