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Panchadashi Mantra Siddhi

I read an interesting article just posted few hours ago on Kamakoti Mandali but as there are no ways to comment or contact them, It would be very interesting for Ravi Sir or Aum Ravi sir to explain this to us.

The article is about using Samputikarana to get Mantra Siddhi fast any shakti mantras.

The article can be viewed fhere :

My question is regarding Samputikarana for Mahatripurasundari.

For Shri Mahatripurasundari, Harshanandanatha Sir posted this :


"śaktyādikūṭaṁ mantrasya dadyādādau japēnmanum |

"In the case of Kādividyā, the third kūṭa (śaktikūṭa) is affixed at the beginning of the three kūṭas."

Does this mean that the third kuta of panchadashi should be affixed like this :

sa ka la hrim, ka e i.......
sa ka la hirm, ha sa ka ha.....
sa ka la hrim, sa ka la.......

And should japa be done in this way to get mantra siddhi faster? Thank you and waiting for your input on this.
AUM.Ravi AUM.Ravi
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Re: Panchadashi Mantra Siddhi

Your understand is correct, as per the text.