Homam: Faster way to purify mind and self realization

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Homam: Faster way to purify mind and self realization

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Dear Members

We have seen Raviji posts on Homam Procedures.I want to add couple of more points after getting Raviji's approval.

Below is Tantric procedure.

Below is weblink which has procedures for different homams.This website is owned by self-realized person who has written simple homam procedures which can be completed in 45- 60 mins.


For new persons,there is a tutorial video also under below link.


Procedures are available in different languages like english,tamil,telugu..etc. To download the procedure,please click on language you want.This is hyperlink and pdf with detailed procedure will get downloaded.

Also he advises persons to start with normal devatas initially and later go for ugra swarupas.

Please read below faq: http://vedicastrologer.org/homam/homam_why.pdf

For any queries,you can ask him in his yahoo group.Group name is vedic-wisdom and you can get immediate reply.