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Hello and questions

Hello Everyone

        My name is Andy and I have just recently discovered this wonderful site. I live in the United States in a small university town and as far as I know there is no one else nearby with whom I can discuss ma and her sadhana, so I am so happy to have found you all!

     I have a few questions concerning kamakalakali. In her dhyana she is described as being accompanied by two frightening jackals;  is there any additional information in the original text pertaining to these two jackals? Do they have names of any kind? The image of the terrifying goddess being flanked by the two jackals resonates on a very deep level with me, though I am not sure why.

      One other thing, I am planning to acquire a copy of the mahakala samhita (although I most likely won't be able read the sanskrit for a few more years, as I am learning on my own lol), but I wanted to know if this edition by Dr. Chaturvedi:

  Is this the only version available?  Or do others exist within India? Thank you so much for your time and expertise!