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AUTHENTIC SRIVIDYOPASANA (Chanchal is back) 1 - By Bhuvananandanatha

        After Guruji attained liberation, Chanchal could not select any other Guru. He decided to continue his sadhana as initiated by Guruji. Like that he did his sadhana for three years. He did not meet Purna and others. He stopped walking to Ashram also. He is experiencing some signs during sadhana. He could not decide whether they are good or bad. Sometimes he feels he is attaining a better position spiritually. Sometimes he feels nothing achieved spiritually. Several times his mind runs like this.... No mantras are working. Many sadhakas and spiritual leaders propagates mantras give results immediately, Pujas/tantras will fructify immediately, Srichakropasana gives enormous money, Dakshinamurthy upasana give us great knowledge, Ganapati will remove all our obstacles, Bagala is Brahmaastra, Pratyangira kills our enemies, Lalitha sahasranama is good for all hardhsips etc. Further, some sadhakas are declaring they got self realisation simply after two to three months sadhana. But during my eight years of sadhana I never found such type of mind blowing results.  My sadhana is not in right direction? I should not think like that. Guruji put me in right path. Then am I not doing sadhana well? This also may not be correct because I felt tremendous waves while doing sadhana in the presence of Guruji. Then what is wrong? Whether am I really missing anything or just ignore the present spiritual social media.

We know that Maa never leave her true sons. She decided to take him into a right path of upasana. One day he got a spark in his mind to meet Purna. That thought slowly became strong. He could not stay anymore without meeting Purna. So he decided to meet Purna. That day is Wednesday. He sent his leave application to office through email and started to Ashram.

The moment he entered the ashram, Purna was doing Guru paduka puja. Chanchal participated in the puja with utmost devotion. Purna felt very happy seeing chanchal there. After bala bhoga (breakfast), they started talking each other.

Purna: How are you chanchal? How is your sadhana going on?  

Chanchal: I am fine. Sadhana is going on well. How are you all?

Purna: We are fine. You came after long time....

Chanchal: Hmm. I am doing sadhana as directed by Guruji. I want to check myself. I am unable to stay calmly since last three months. ...........(he described his thoughts about his spirituality and other issues)

Purna smiled and answered him...

Purna: Now your sadhana entered on the main track. I can say you are doing sadhana well.

Chanchal: But how? I am getting so many doubts about Srividyopasana. Whether Srividyopasana really exists? Why I am not getting immediate results like others as propagate by them.

Purna: Dear Chanchal, whatever the sadhana you are doing now is only a tiny step towards spirituality. In fact, you have not entered into Srividyopasan full. Srividyopasana sastra is infinity. You tell me what do you know about Srichakra and Srividya? All what you know is types of Srichakra, traditions of Srividya, Avarana devatas with their chakra names and some mantras. By knowing these things Ninety nine percent people feel great and through some pose as if they are majestic gurus. You observe whatever the books available in the market, social blogs, website propagate these things and attract the people. Maximum people go to them and follow them like sheep. You will not find any difference between giver and seeker. This is the meaning of "Jnana, Jnaatru, jneya rupaa". Giver, seeker and the pouring knowledge are same and fit only in one frame. Chanchal found some irony in his words.

Purna continuing....

Your case is different. You have full blessings of Srimata and Guruji. Your battle with your mind is the
witness. Now you are more eligible to know the actual concepts of Srividya. Don't think about material results. I give one example. Many people read/chant Sri Kanadhara Stotram everyday without fail seeking enormous money or gold. You cannot count them. Have you come across any such people got such results? It is only stupidity of people. They are logger headed people. Why to waste your valuable time thinking about them? These logger headed people  cannot recognize actual sadhakas but approach pseudoscience guru's. These gurus play on these peoples weaknesses and earn money. Your sadhana will set back if these type of people approach you.

Hearing this Chanchal felt happy and told Purna...

Chanchal: You have removed my burden. I am very much grateful to you. I am interested to know the actual sastra of Srividya.

Purna: Sure. Now you are more eligible to know about Srividya. Your total view about Srividyopasana will change after knowing this. It is not for all. It is only for real sadhakas. Other people cannot understand it. Moreover, such people will perplex about Srividyopasana and try to stick more on to Kavachas, stotras, mantras initiated by ayakta guru etc as it is very simple to follow such unwanted methods and cheat themselves.

Chanchal: Who is this avyakta guru?

Purna: Invisible guru i.e. internet guru who give mantras through internet, telephone etc..

Chanchal: Any auspicious day for learning actual Srividya?

Purna: There is no wrong time to do the right thing. You are a conventional Srividyopasaka. We can start at any time as per our convenience. be continued.
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Re: AUTHENTIC SRIVIDYOPASANA (Chanchal is back) 1 - By Bhuvananandanatha

Great!! Chanchal is back!! waiting for the next episodes...